Birthday Yesterday

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Yada yada yada :P

The family is up North so not much happening around the old homestead. I had some left over Pizza from work with Buffalo Wing dipping sauce and a Sapporo Beer.

I had rented Blood - The Last Vampire, so I threw that on the dvd player. It was funny watching the blood spill out like thick syrup when she sliced off their body parts. Then I watched several episodes of Dragonaut, an anime to get my fill of people that turn into Dragons and Big Boobies.

Did talk with a friend of my wife who is in a secret location for a while just trying to catch up. She wants to get together on Saturday night to go out and celebrate my birthday along with our friend Jackie. Not sure where I want to go, but did mention Scarlett's (strip club), but knew I would be turned into a eunuch if I went. Oh well, not really sure or know what is going to happen on Saturday night. Not really in the mood to go out and what not.

Not even sure how Thanksgiving will roll out for me either. Maybe I will get a Turkey Log and some veggies. My wife will be having fun at a friend's house for the holidays. They were even kind enough to give us a washer and dryer they have laying around.

Have to go as an important person is arriving at work soon and need to look like I am actually doing something - ACK!

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  1. I wish you were here so we could all go to Andrea's for the holiday :)