Busy Saturday in Florida

Got an early wake up call from work that up at 6:50am. At least it was something simple, but could not get back to sleep - argh!

I decide to pack a box of stuff that included my small artwork portfolio's, some figures and a couple other items. Since it was a big box, I had to keep it light. Since one of the figures going into the box needed to be photographed, I went out and took some shots of her. Here is one of the photos I took.

Also decided to give the car a bath as the mold was getting out of hand again. Took about $4.00 and a lot of elbow grease, but she looks better now. I just wish I had gotten both headlights replaced when she was in an accident a while ago. One headlight is new, while the other one has mold growing inside it (I think).

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