I was looking around for a new sound a while ago and discovered this band called Flyleaf. This band reminds me of Evanesence, but a harder / lost soul edge. Lacey packs a hell of a lot of emotion in such that small package with her songs ~ check out "I'm So Sick" for what I mean. Their videos are out of the world as well and very edgy to match their energy.

I was surprised to see a group like this to come out of Texas - figured it would be a Country band. Flyleaf is far from that and ROCKS each song to the core of your soul! They were also a hit Christian band - which was a big surprise to me.

I picked up their self named CD Flyleaf off of iTunes and also got their videos for Again, Sorrow and Fully Alive. Check out some of the videos at their MySpace page to see for yourself.

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