Moving Sucks

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I had to figure out if I needed a 17 foot or a 24 foot truck. I went to this local place at a strip mall and wanted to see the truck sizes better. The place looked like it was a a scam, but was on the U-Haul website (they also did titles and registration).

The 24 foot trucks are massive - not really what I want to drive by myself with an attached car being towed. Took a look at the 17 footer and it seemed a little short for 17 feet, but looked like it would work. (it is actually 14 feet with a 3 foot "Mom's Attic" - LIARS).

Here I am - last night - trying to do a mock setup for how I am going to load the truck. Measured out a wal space and stacked boxes. By all estimates, I can do this in a 17 footer. I will have to place the 52" plasma TV in the car however, but I am going to use the sofa cushions as support. I am really hoping that the damn thing does not get cracked on the way up.

So went to be with a head and back ache. Of course, I get a damn late night call from work and was up from 1:30am to 4:00am in an issue - FUCK!

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