3 Weeks to Go before the BIG Move

Well, this is the 3 week mark for me. Hopefully in 3 weeks at this time, I will be together again with Alison and Raven. Not sure if that is a good thing as we will all need to adjust to having a full family again - arguing, fighting wrestling for food - the normal family fun.

I have several layouts through the apartment to give me an idea how to layout the truck. As it is on 17', I will need to max every cubic inch out. Towing the car is an added burden as I have to make sure I keep that in mind when driving.

I was planning on jetting out on Sunday, but may now just do it on Saturday after I get the truck loaded. I will need to go to the U-Haul center and get the car on the towing rig and get it all hitched together. I know my nerves will be shot, so I might as well begin the journey. I hope the cat behave on the way up.

I did go out an shoot some photos this weekend. I needed the break which was much welcomed. I think my shooting is getting better, but who knows. I got some shots of a Golden Orb Spider sucking the life out of a honey bee. I know Ali will freak as she hates spiders. Not that I am all to happy with them either, but it was worth all the shooting. If I have time, I will post a couple for everyone.

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