Saga of the Big Toe

While in Jamaica, we went to Dunns River Falls. Where we proceeded to climb over 600+ feet UP THE FALLS. Now, you must wear water shoes. This is very very important and I am super glad I did. However, that does not stop you from slipping on the rocks as you put your feet down in the water. My Big Toe got pretty banged up. It still hurts to bend the fucker.

Here are the pics as the week went by. At first, it didn't look bad and my BFF just looked at me like I was a cry baby wanting attention. The next day, the bruises really started coming out.

Styling toes after a pedicure.

 Day 1

 You can see it;s slightly swollen, doesn't look bad, right ?

 Ohhh, the bruise is starting to come out

 Yep, OUCH
 Lovely huh!

 And it's starting to get better by the end of the trip :) Yay! Fucker still hurts though.

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