Vacation @ Myrtle Beach

It. Was. Awesome.

We left before the ass crack of dawn on Friday. Got into Myrtle Beach by 11 am. Checked in and headed to the beach. The boys loved it. We all loved it.

The sand between you toes = Awesome
The slightly chilly ocean washing said sand = Incredible

Walking along the shore with your love, hand in hand, beyond happy!!

I don't even remember Friday night. Oh wait! I took a nap while the boyfriend took his kids to the amusement park and my Kid hung out (he was a bit freaked out over the ominous looking seas and sky and yeah it was freaking looking) but he woke me up from my light snooze (bad!) and we talked about it (good). I can totally relate to those eerie feelings about the ocean.

The layout of the room was nice. It had a double bed, a full galley kitchen and a living room with a pull down Murphy bed (that was ours), It had 2 bathrooms that shared 1 shower, which was also awesome. I found out I don't particularly like cooking in a galley kitchen. I felt cramped by that, but otherwise it was awesome :) Being able to get groceries for breakfast, snacks and lunch was pretty impressive with 3 kids :) It certainly made things easier (ok, well except for clean up!)

Since our bed was a pull down, it was magnificent for leaving the balcony door open all night and waking up to the ocean waves - absolutely glorious!!

(Ironically, the boyfriend and I both agreed last night that just sitting on the couch, watching tv - it was way too quiet)

Friday night was eating in and Saturday morning was bacon, croissants and and and yep that's it. We didn't get to the eggs - too excited to get out of the room!!

Saturday was laying out on the beach, listening the kids have fun, finding pretty shells and some shopping. Saturday night we went to the Pirate Voyage, which is like a Medieval Times with water, mermaids, pirates (of course) and sea lions. In other words?? Awesomeness. Preshow was an hour long, had some snacks and beverages (We got to keep the cups, which is good because those drinks were good and yummy and sorta expensive). The food was food, good but not crazy freaky good. The service was really good though. I would totally recommend it to anyone seeing it for the first time :) I am not sure if you want to see that same show a bunch of times in a row, probably a good idea to change it up over the vacations ;) Then it was time for putt-putt golf. Now, I have no played that in a good 20 some odd years. I mean, seriously. I had so much damn fun! I laughed almost the entire time (and score, I got 2 hole in ones!). After that, it was time to relax and sit in the Jacuzzi and then bed :) Beyond awesome, the whole day.

We got up sorta early on Sunday, packed the car, walked the beach one last time (for now) and headed for home. The home trip took a wee bit longer (more stops for food/breaks) and we hit a small snag in traffic. I was a bit cranky once we got back to his house. I think my brain melted somewhere along the road and my filter was not working for a short minute. But, I got my game back in play and loaded my car up and got the Kid home.

Being back home? Nice. Though I will say not so nice that I didn't wish I was still at the beach!! The Kid got his lunch made, I did laundry and then it was just a matter of sorta getting my brain to function until bedtime.

Overall, huge success, awesome vacation. I had such a phenomenal time!!

Day 3 of Mini Vacation - the Drive back


Day 2 of Mini Vacation

The Kid found a crab :)

Put Put Golf :)

Another view

Day 1 of our Mini Vacation

We were on the 15th floor :) Awesome views!


Potatoes from the Garden

And yes, they were quite yummy :)

We didn't get a whole lot, but the ones we did get were pretty decent sized! I had basically let the kid do the digging while I tore out the Monster Tomato plant and I don't think he went down far enough. But that's ok :) It's hard work!! I didn't do a lot during the season, you kinda just let these things grow. I did leave a couple baby ones (probably seeds really) in the ground and if they grow next year, awesome. If not, no biggie :)

Next year, we are doing boxes to grow these in. The boyfriend and I will be making 5 boxes for me (not sure how many for him) during the winter for next years garden :)


I can't think of a good title...

I totally hate that up tick in weight when my period comes around. It's like this bloating battle of caring vs not caring...about my weight and what I eat during that time. Today I ate out for lunch so I checked out the website to see the carbs/calories before hand. Annnnnd, I was totally reminded that I have been pretty damn bad lately about what I eat. So. I'm all, fuck sugar. Because really, it's not good for me, at all (I'm insulin resistant and sugar sucks for those of us with PCOS too). I got coffee with just cream. I made hot tea this afternoon, no sugar. I am going to really slim down on that again - poor sugar is going to be out of the picture for a bit. And I will be better (again) with what I am eating. Now, this does NOT mean not eating certain foods, I will just be smart and not eat more than 1 portion type of thing. Yes, this means even cheesecake. Damn it was good. Anyway, I am pretty good on drinking a lot of water for the most part, but I will do better on that end too. Since it's actually starting to get chilly (SCORE!!) I want to start doing yoga/ballet in the mornings before work and cut back on my walks. Which means I need to get bed earlier and get my fat ass up earlier (I like my fat ass, it's not a derogatory thing, it's a nice ass!!)

After this weekend I am going to start decorating for the holidays :) I will need to stock up on candy for Halloween because last year, I was out in about 30 minutes, it was freaking awesome!!

I think I need to take Tiamet in to see the vet and get her blood work done, see where she's at. I think she's doing ok, but I've noticed one of the cats have been going quite a bit of pee lately. Speaking of kitties, I've cut back on their dry food consumption and it looks like Diego and Daisy are losing weight, which is good. I can see a shape (other than round) when I look at Diego!! I do need to give him another bath.

I also need to spray for spiders around the house, I should have done that this past weekend but I didn't get around to it. Ugh.

I think I am just going to rip out my tomato plant. I will try again next year, but doing it from pots and not in the ground. Don't get me wrong, this thing is MASSIVE but once the tomatoes start to ripen, they split and whatnot. I've heard and read about it's a calcium or some other deficiency, I just didn't plan well enough for 1 small tomato plant to monster out on me and then freak out while maturing. So. Planters for that next year. I need to flip my grass I think soon too, with it getting colder. I will need to figure out what I am planting and where next year for that. Something to work on soon :)

My Kid is awesome. Just thought I'd share that :) Some days more awesome than others, though. Yeah...and some days I just don't want to think about ;)

 I think I've got all the residency stuff worked out now for my class :) I will log in tomorrow and see if it is so I can pay for the course. So excited :) I will have to figure out how that will effect my time too I guess.


Wonderful Weekend

This was a good weekend, ok ok let me correct myself, it was an awesome weekend. The Raven's won, I made a great Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, we watched the first episodes of Walking Dead (yes, I am late to the series, whatevs!) Got to go to the park and have fun and Sunday I got to practice french horn with my Kid.

Today is beautiful outside - I took 2 walks and fed one of the horses an apple. The chill in the air made it really feel like Autumn is finally here. Love it.

Life is good :)

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

So the Cheesecake was a hit :) I personally think it was a little heavy on the clove. They did say that it was lighter than most cheesecakes but that they liked it and it tasted good. I will totally admit it was pretty damn yummy.

Yes, I will be making this again, probably for my birthday or something. Yum!


Pumpkin Cheesecake

All I know is that when I used the knife around the edges before it went in the fridge, it tasted just like Pumpkin Pie. MMMMMMMmmmmmm


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Yes, mostly organic ingredients :) I think the thing NOT organic was the alcohol I added and the spices. I need to work on getting organic spices :) (and ironically, I felt bad about buying Annie's because I know that company sold out to a large crappy company recently)

So I decided that since I have the house to myself to attempt to make cheesecake, from scratch.

First off, I should have probably used a better grade mixer than my poor little hand held one. I tried to not over tax it. Secondly, I need a bigger mixing bowl! The batter was to the edge basically (I think I will ask the boyfriend to use his freaky large mixing bowl - if I make this again) oh and I should really have a roasting pan, because you're supposed to give it a water bath while it's cooking (if, like me, you are confused by this terminology, it means to have it cooking in another pan than holds it and water - which is how I actually make my bread pudding). So, yes I am adding things to my Amazon Wish list. Again.

Anyways, I have it on a cooking sheet, with the hot water in that. Ahem. Will see if this actually works or not...

I did modify the recipe, following what someone else did and still tweaking it a bit.

Learning lesson: Graham cracker crumbs?? Hmmm. Maybe crushing them in a bag would have been smart. Not attempting it by hand.

Lesson #2: Soften cream cheese does not get light or smooth so much as softer and stuck to the mixer.

Lesson C: Make sure you have your spices grounded already so you don't feel so rushed to get the clove into the damn batter.

Also, I have quite a bit left over batter, so I will see if I use them in some form of muffin/waffle thing this weekend. I hope.

Random Also: Here is my basil (grown from seed!) Working on another now :) I plan on taking this one to the boyfriends!

And yes, I am doing laundry, drinking wine and the only thing I've read tonight has been the recipe. And dinner? Ha, I forgot about it until the cheesecake was in the oven and laundry started. It was a bagel, and a cheese sandwich. Bad I know, but whatever. My period is almost over so there.

Friday Freakiness

Well, I accomplished getting signed up for college today, 1 class in my program is available (I'm kinda late in starting for Fall) which is a management 103 class. I'm getting my residency stuff worked out since they had me as an out of state student and I'm really really not. Class starts 10/1 though, all on line, which is awesome. Associates of Science in Business Administration is a start. I will try to figure how many classes I can handle each semester. Thankfully some of my old college credits will transfer over :)

It's exciting and scary. Not freaky bad scary. It's just - I mean, it's been almost 20 years since I was college (holy fuck) and I am not nervous about failing, I know I won't, it's more of this - shit I am getting this done and it's really happening. Oh wait, that almost sounds like when you go into labor !!

My kid is bringing his french horn home today, so we get to practice on Sunday, which is awesome. I love playing still and it gets me back to that :)

Tonight, I don't know what I'm doing lol. Maybe I will attempt to make a cheesecake. And try out this organic sugar wax thing (on my legs, ahem) and see if it works to any degree. Maybe I will read (hahahaha, of course I am reading tonight) and definitely doing a load of laundry.

My period is hopefully winding down. I certainly am not in any back pain today (hey, I even did 1 walk so far and some squats!).

I am not, repeat NOT, thinking about my shower appointment tomorrow.

This is me, not thinking about my shower ;) (I hear her saying, in my head, 'whatever bitches'!)


Bits and Pieces (again)

So I have another company coming in on Saturday to look at my shower and try to quote me something I can't afford. I was really hoping Home Depot wasn't going to be "We're part of Home Depot, but a different part." Because this guy just told me that the showers the rep will show me are NOT the ones that Home Depot sells. Ummm, what? I mean, seriously? They are ones more on the higher end. To which I said, I am really looking for something simple, I don't need one all blinged out. He said then tell the rep that and the rep won't show me the blinged out ones. Well. Hmmm. I asked if they do have someone that does installs of things bought at Home Depot. He's all, yep and here's their number. So, in a nutshell, if Home Depot can't sell me this on Saturday, Home Depot can let me buy it from them and they still install it. Oh ok then. Isn't that what I was asking for in the first fucking place when I got this damned appointment set up? Because, hello, single mom with a tight budget here! But I need and want my stupid ass shower fixed!!

I am hoping they have something in my price range that won't require a 2nd car loan payment. Because, damn.

My lovely monthly lady friend is visiting. I am inhaling chocolate at an alarming rate (hahaha, I wish I was) and I've been a bit crankier this time around. Probably because I was really bad about not taking my supplements this month and those do make a difference. I know I'm bloated like a cartoon whale right now. Ugh.

I ordered some books and am really excited about reading Visions from Anne Bishop. I am hoping, hoping, I can read tonight and drink some wine. I seriously doubt that will happen though because I just freaking remembered the Kid has more classwork to finish (oh, what a long story that is) to be turned in on Friday.

Otherwise, work has been keeping me busy. Oh but I will be baking one way or another this weekend. Either cookies or lemon bars or maybe attempt a pumpkin cheesecake :)

Also: I seem to have an obsession with...socks. Don't ask...I will explain later.