Garden Started!

Now, there was probably 15-20 tomato plants, that I had not noticed until after I bought a new freaking plant, already - ALREADY  - growing in my garden. From last years Cherry tomato plant that had seeds get left over. Mutant soil :)

After Mike did much digging and turning of soil, we were able to plant!

There are onions, cucumber, zucchini, ONE tomato plant, sweet potatoes and a basil plant. I will be adding in green beans from seeds this week :D

Oh and one pumpkin! Last year, the one pumpkin plant netted us 6 large pumpkins, so I moved it to its own space this year and am hoping for the best.

Now, this is the front yard. I have 5 pepper plants, some with yellow leaves from all the rain recently. I added in another cucumber plant and 2 more types of peppers. The front yard is an experiment to see what will grow or not, amongst the flowers.

And some sneaky bird left a blackberry seed as a present, which is now turning into a blackberry bush! I am not arguing :)


This pretty purple flower grows on the side of my backyard,

Seriously bloomed!

 Side view :)

Primroses that I planted last year, a single flower I think, which is now this incredible bush!


Upcoming Summer of vacations!

So, due to things outside of our control, we are taking 2 vacations. Horrid, I know. I mean, who wants to spend time with family in California AND 5 days at Disney World and then 2 days relaxing at Cabana Bay Resort (right by Universal Studios)

June, it's a flight to LAX, renting a 50' yacht (instead of a hotel), because I can, and a Dodge Challenger, again because I can. It's only like 5 days. Leaving Wednesday, arriving late and hoping I am not brain dead on Thursday. We fly back on Monday night, red eye. But I am taking Tuesday off so that I can recover and do laundry.

We have some tentative plans, ie Disneyland and 6 Flags Magic Mountain. I hoping to either visit Santa Monica or Venice. Of course, I am most excited about seeing my family :) :) :)

2nd vacation is in early August, we are driving - with 3 teenagers - to Disney World. It will be 5 days of the happiest place in the world, that I have never been to before. Slightly intimidating. Especially since my awesome boyfriend and his kids know it very very well! I sorta feel a little lost in some of it! I am super excited!! I can't wait to see all these things I've heard about. I am just a tad bit nervous it seems. It will also be as hot as fuck that week. I remember those days in Florida, the heat and humidity. I need to work my arms out so that I don't like some whacked out octopus in tank tops. Because, yeah...


Snow pics of the Blizzard 2016

We dug out the alley behind the house, after digging out the 2 cars...Yes, THAT MUCH we dug out :)

Oh and I totally got some that snow off the roof yesterday. Freaky!
Day One below:



I just wanna say...

I am really freaking happy :) I'm a size 8 in jeans now :) SCORE!!

I weighed in at 206 this morning, a nice downward trend. Finally. Another 21 lbs to go :)


Feeling the love

LOL, my coworkers are hilarious :) Found "Bob" (I called it Audrey 2) in my cube on Monday.

It was growing out the concrete in an open air area. Gotta love nature!


Just a thought

You know how you can read something, whether it's about you or someone you love, get either upset/annoyed/saddened by it?

I think that no matter what, screw that. I love my life, I love my kid, I love my man. It really, seriously, does not matter what others issues are.

Sometimes people can get so caught up in their own stupidity, that they forget the basics and get lost. It's really kinda sad.

So - I much rather laugh the stupidity off, move on and just be happy :)

Happy is freaking awesome.

And I am very lucky to be so incredibly happy :D

Some Vacation Pics

Universal Studios - Orlando

Cape Canaveral Space Station

Updated Mutant Garden

 Basically, here is a 360 view of my little patch of garden. As you can see, the pumpkin part is attempting to take over my yard!

 Yes, the tomatoes are also attempting to take over the whole plot :)

 PUMPKIN!!! Hopefully I didn't accidentally kill it trying to move it!
2nd pumpkin!