Awesome Weekend

So this past weekend, my love and I went to the Rhode Island Comic Con, and it was freaking amazing. We got to meet so many people, Elijah Wood (his eyes are soooo blue!), Dave Bautista, Justin Roiland (he was freaking hilarious in his panel), Mike Colton (Luke Cage, his brother is a drummer, which is cool), Simone (Luke Cage, I got to speak with her for like 20 minutes, it was so beyond cool), and so many more! I can't even remember all of them right now! I just know it was this 3 day weekend of bliss and fun.

Here is a pic of my heart, sound asleep as I work on my paper for my class (I got an A, so that was a feat and a half!) We stayed at the Biltmore, it was so old and artistic and the bed was beyond comfortable. If I could have bought those pillows to bring home, I would have in a heartbeat!

I had to write a 6 page paper, it was due on Sunday. So I worked on it Friday night, got up at 7 am Saturday, 7 am Sunday and even finished it on the drive back. I barely made it, turned it just before midnight on Sunday.

We had dinner Friday night at this great little Irish pub right (Murphy's) across the street from the convention center. Saturday night, it was a different pub, Trinity (which we had gone to last year) down the street. Both were so good! Different in ways, but still perfect each time.

So, back to my homework once again :) Thankfully this class is over next week and I have a month break before classes start again in January.

Thanksgiving is coming up, then we are off again on a 3 day weekend to Orlando (Mickey's Magical Christmas), hanging out in Disney Springs. I am looking forward to a warm respite from the cold weather that is coming on. I love the seasons, all of them, it;s just sometimes nice to get a mini break during them :)


Another post, another random thought

It's been a good day so far. Of course, I still have 3 forum posts to write (for my classes) and a lot of work to get done, but honestly, it's just been a good day.

Progress is important. I've gotten a lot accomplished this morning, and by adding coffee into the mix now I feel like things are still progressing :)

Work has been - BUSY as fuck. Seriously, like it's been this nonstop train ride without an exit in sight. Which is a good thing, I much rather be busy than bored.

School is also busy. I am wrapping up a class on HRM this week and started one on business ethics last week. It's a balancing act, between school, kids, and work, but I love it. I do miss reading though. I think out of everything with school, I miss reading for pleasure the most. I am pretty excited for an upcoming trip with my love, where there will be time for that, drinking, eating and lots of fun :)



I am not typically the happiest on my birthday, and while I know several reasons for this, it's just not something I look forward to each year. Now, my amazing bf has certainly made my last few birthdays wonderful on multiple levels and I am seriously grateful for that. This year, on top of my birthday I got my period, so I just was not having any ideas about anything other than not thinking about too much.

So when you have a day off to yourself and you're crying at Mary dying in Sherlock Holmes, you start to go, just wtf is going on here!! Ok, so a bit was the PMS and a bit just the normal tangle of life. I guess it just let some self-introspection and realization that, damn, I am a pretty good life and for that I am lucky and grateful. I have an awesome job, an awesome kid, an awesome boyfriend and my house, while a bit messy, is perfect for right and I'm going to school on top of everything else. There are minor issues, small annoyances, things to figure out for later and things to just get done now - but in the overall outlook, I am happy. Happy with myself and really almost everything.

Sometimes I need to just take a moment and realize these things and to let whatever does bother me, just go.


Just a brief moment

Do you ever have a moment, while drinking or not, that you just think about life and just how damn happy you are? Because I have this amazing boyfriend, I am so happy to find the kind of person I need and appreciate in my life.

That is pretty significant, no? Realizing how amazing it is to be loved and to the love the person who loves you.

Love is not always easy, though it's not quite a battle either. I am so thankful that my love is not a battle, like my last relationship. I am so happy that he just loves me, seriously, loves me just because of me. Good or bad mood, good or bad day, just because we get it. We understand each other. We understand the other.

Have you have that moment of clarty, of just understanding?

That you're both blessed and amazed that the one who loves you and you love back?

I realize this might seem simple, or whatever. But actually finding someone that cares and loves you makes such an amazing thing in ones life.

It's a relief, that breath of happiness, the utterly content moment of just love. I don't even really know how to explain how damn happy I am.

It's just that little minor yet significant moment, of :
I love you
I miss you
I wish you were here

These quick and seemingly minor moments, though I will admit it can't happen unless you love yourself. Loving yourself is so critical, without you can't really know how much love impacts your life. We take ourselves for granted, we really don't always understand how important and vital self love is to our overall happiness. Self, and significant other love helps us know us. Our friends, ourselves, our loved ones, these moments come in amazingly brief ideas and we're able to figure yourself in just that right moment.


Garden Started!

Now, there was probably 15-20 tomato plants, that I had not noticed until after I bought a new freaking plant, already - ALREADY  - growing in my garden. From last years Cherry tomato plant that had seeds get left over. Mutant soil :)

After Mike did much digging and turning of soil, we were able to plant!

There are onions, cucumber, zucchini, ONE tomato plant, sweet potatoes and a basil plant. I will be adding in green beans from seeds this week :D

Oh and one pumpkin! Last year, the one pumpkin plant netted us 6 large pumpkins, so I moved it to its own space this year and am hoping for the best.

Now, this is the front yard. I have 5 pepper plants, some with yellow leaves from all the rain recently. I added in another cucumber plant and 2 more types of peppers. The front yard is an experiment to see what will grow or not, amongst the flowers.

And some sneaky bird left a blackberry seed as a present, which is now turning into a blackberry bush! I am not arguing :)


This pretty purple flower grows on the side of my backyard,

Seriously bloomed!

 Side view :)

Primroses that I planted last year, a single flower I think, which is now this incredible bush!