Just random things

I am so ready for a vacation! I know I just had a mini one not too long ago, but I think I need a longer one LOL. I don't know...maybe I will try to take one for a few days during the week or something. Or just wait for a good snow storm and use vacation to not go in.

And today, it was beautiful out! OMFG, 80 freaking degrees! It's almost Samhain! I mean, wasn't it last year (or the year before??) we had that snow on Halloween?? I hope it's not some predictor of a mean winter.

I got my hair cut on Saturday. It's not a typical cut I suppose. I kept my bangs long but the back is layered short. I might like it. I think. I really need to dye it, but I forgot to get some gloves and there is no way I am going to dye my hair without gloves. So, I painted my nails instead :) 

I think I need to bake some cookies this week. I plan on attempting to make biscuits this weekend :) And gravy. Because, you know, southern biscuits go extremely well with gravy :)

I am ahead on my homework right now. I think I have a unit test coming up which I need to study for. I should probably get a parking sticker for campus. I need to sign up for 2 classes in December. I should probably put that on my calendar so I don't forget. 

Lots of probably's and shoulds and thinks going on it seems.

Work is good. Yay for that!!

Tiamet, she's 13. Took her to the vet a few weeks ago. Her thyroid is now under control, I have to give her meds every day. But of course, the thyroid meds are now causing her to have mild kidney disease. Which would typically require special food or meds for that. Can't afford more cat meds and special food? Well, I have to other cats that eat too damn much and that food is 1: Not for them and 2: Expensive :(  What concerns me with this is that I had to put down her brother in January because his kidneys failed :( So. Keeping an eye on her.

Still on the cat topic, I am feeding 1.5 strays. 1 is a for sure stray, the other I think is the neighbors cat that lives mostly outside. I call him Killer (neighbors cat), because he killed and ate a rabbit in my backyard. Sweet cat, normal cat tendencies for sure. Killer is an orange and white tabby. The stray is a tuxedo and he's been slowly warming up to me. I am such a softy it seems. Well, at least when it comes to cats!! But a little food and milk is not the end of the world with that!! :)

I am excited winter is here. I am super excited for Friday since it's Samhain and we tend to get a lot of trick or treaters :) I hope I got enough candy. Well, naughty me keeps nibbling at it, oppsie. Stupid kit kats are yummy!! I am going to see about getting my fire pit out and do that for a little bit too. 

Tomorrow we are going to carve up some pumpkins. I need to get another 1 or 2 for that. The Kid has one here, just waiting.

Oh I bought this awesome ice cube tray :) Love it!!

Did I already blog about that? I don't even remember.

Well, it's time to get the laundry out of the dryer and folded, feed Tiamet her pill and head off to dreaming happy dreams :)


It's been too long!

Life has been busy, good things to be sure, but wow, long time and now write!!

Let's see - The kid is in a Parade this weekend, so hopefully that will go well.

School is taking up my time, not too shocking that. I am going to try for 2 classes Spring semester and see how that goes. I am doing this slowly, increasing my class size or not (as the case may be) to see what my real threshold is for balancing school and life.

I'm tired. I feel like that since I was sick a couple weeks ago I am still trying to get back to some form of a normal routine. I am happy it's getting colder, just because I am inside more - which means getting more around the house done again.

We did get the front patch of yard set up for winter. Weeds pulled and put a layer of this material that's supposed to keep them from growing. I need to get some larger size stones to make the spiral I want though. Or make them with quikrete.

I actually saw gas below $3.00 the other day. I was in a state of shock. I even took a pic of that! The $2.85 on the right is for regular unleaded.

 Also, I am not going to order out Chinese anymore. I really do end up gaining like 2-3 lbs every damn time I eat it and it takes me days to get my back to normal. So very sad. It's probably the high sodium or something, but damn. Just not worth it right now. I have been getting better about not eating out as much, guess I just need to tone it done a bit more!!

The Kid is failing 3 classes. Very frustrating. Oh and the reason why? he doesn't feel like doing the work. Seriously. We've had conversations. Let's hope he was listening.

I am thinking of actually shopping on Black Friday. Scary that. I want to get some stuff for the house though, and that might be a smart way to get them. I want a room heater for my bedroom. Because even with carpet, the floor is cold!!

I need more sleep.

Ohhh, so I slightly re-organized my living room. I moved my cedar trunk to the library and then swapped places of the small couch and chair. And I put the coffee table to an angle.Pulled in another lamp (from the library) and I like it. So far. I do need to get some art up on the walls now though. The Kid likes it too. It's so incredibly nice to be able to do things without worrying about what some landlord will say (ie, painting walls, making noise, etc) anymore :) I love the yard work, love making changes :)

I think this weekend I am going to inventory my pantry and see what I need to get for dry goods for this winter. I know that sounds probably kinda weird, but I am cooking all the time now and it would be smarter (I think) to get my stock stuff set. Of course, normal weekly stuff (fresh veggies and whatnot) is not what I'm thinking about. I also want to re-organize my kitchen a wee bit, make it more functional :) And I should probably re-do my pantry as well...it's probably a good thing it's not too big!!

I plan on making some more chicken stock this coming week. I have a little bit left and will probably have that for dinner soon. I have totally loved putting the stock into ice cubes for easy portions. So freaking easy. Because you just chop up some carrots, celery, throw in some left over chicken pieces and noodles - done!

We've been watching the previous seasons of the Walking Dead. Loving this series!

And I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, for my permanent crowns. I will be so happy once this is finished. It was painful paying for it, set me back really - but damn it, it's my teeth and not something that can be ignored :(

Time to head out. I will try to blog more, again :)


Diego's new pillow

They were on sale at the store today :) So. Diego got an early Yule present (his other one we are still keeping, but it's gotten quite worn out!)

A week in review

So many things, so little brain left after it melted this week!!

Let's see if I can break it down...

Last Friday - Good - Birthday
Saturday - Woke up sick :( The boyfriend picked us up though and we stayed at his place. I somehow ended up sleeping upside down (my feet where my head should be) eventually...but I was really up most the night and only actually slept at 5 am. For 2 hours, woke up and went back to sleep for 2 more hours. Therefore, exhausted and somewhat cranky. The Kid wasn't exactly Mr. Sunshine either.

Went home. I think I pretended to clean. I vegetated the rest of the day.

Sunday - I am pretty sure I didn't do anything. Except ask the Kid to help. Because, aka Mr. Sunshine was still being jerky...Did not sleep Sunday night again, until after 3 am.

Monday and Tuesday - called out sick and just rested. The Kid was slightly nicer after I asked him why he had to be mean when I was sick AND it was just my Bday. Because, I mean, really! Does that have to make someone being a jerk??? Ugh.

I was able to accomplish a nap on Tuesday morning for 2 hours. Score me.

Plus, you have to keep in mind that on top of being sick - my period was due (and yes, showed up) this week. GOOD FUCKING TIMES WERE HAD BY ALL! Bwahahahahahaahahahahaha. Ok, well maybe not so much.

Wednesday - Went to work. Still had my cold, therefore some trouble breathing. But not too bad. Also, work was really fucking busy. Slept ok, not like rock solid, but better than the previous 2 non sleep days.

[ I am sure I did 2 loads of laundry at some point before Thursday, but I just can't remember when...]

Thursday - Rinse and repeat Wednesday, though I was starting to feel a lot better. I actually got some good sleep finally on Wednesday. Probably because the boyfriend was there. Though I will say my period was just starting and that meant all my lovely insecurity hormones were raging inside my puny head. Another ugh.

Today - Friday - So far so good. My period is here, I feel like rearranging my living room and doing yard work. How that works out I have no freaking idea. Or maybe nap. I am at least feeling a lot better and almost 99 % with this cold.

My homework is almost done, just 2 small things left and need to get that submitted by tomorrow. I think taking this class (and waiting to be reimbursed until after I pass kinda sucks) is good but it hurt financially. Ugh. I know it's on my credit card but I seem to have this slightly OCD thing about wanting to pay it off and now off course money is tight until November. Blah. It's my own fault, because I just dumped too much of a payment onto my cc's this month. Ironically, I will probably end up paying for things on my CC this way instead of my normal account, which is just the opposite of what I wanted to do! The only possibly good thing is maybe I can get some more points and at least get a credit or buy things for free (yay Amazon cc) with the points.

I will totally blame my brain being melted due to illness on this months pathetic-ness of my finances. Totally.

And I think it's more of my perception of it being an issue than it really is. Because, seriously, there is nothing that is end of the world here.

Anyway, I need to figure out a couple other posts (one is more along those lines, "why does my hormonal state cause my brain to melt" and other such possible titles of "Where is the Wine" and "No More Laundry for You") and get this weekend started.

Also - It's Mercury Retrograde - So be safe!! Oh wait, can I blame Mercury Retrograde for this?? Hmmm.


Pre-Birthday Dinner and more

So, last night my incredibly awesome boyfriend took me out to dinner. I have been craving this Mexican soup from a local place we go to. It's called Sopa Azteca

This is basically what it looks like (thank you google) and it so fucking yummy, I could eat this every single day. I mean, YUM-MY.

I got 1 of 2 birthday presents, this incredibly adorable snow globe of Minnie kissing Mickey, which is so appropriate since I am always kissing on the man. Love love love it. LOVE IT!!

Ahem, the 2nd present I get when it comes in...I know what it is because he told me and it's unbelievable awesome (and so not traditional in any way, shape or form, which is even fucking better!) and I will wait to post about that until I have my hands on it. Fucking Awesome. So excited.

My plans for tomorrow, get up, go to the store, buy ingredients for Lasagna and then go home, make it, make some eggs and coffee for breakfast. Read, nap. Make some cupcakes. Maybe take a shower. Probably clean up the dining room and vacuum around the house. Eat some lasagna. And just enjoy the day :)

Edit: Ok, I will get my ass up early and go to the store, and then come home to get Tiamet since she now has a 9:30 am appointment at the Vet. She needs to get her blood work checked and I need to refill her prescription. Thankfully I get paid tomorrow :) Then I will proceed with the rest of my diabolical plan to relax and enjoy the day!!

This weekend, I have no idea yet, haven't thought that far ahead. The only thing I do know is I have to do post my homework by Saturday. Tonight I am reading my 2nd chapter and if I have enough time to respond to the first question, at least get that one done.

I want more of that soup! SOOOO GOOD :D


Lots of Attempting(s)

I've been wanting to write for the past few days but every time I start a draft I sorta just stare at it listlessly and then shuffle off to pretend to work.

So I am attempting to get past this.

Let's see.

Last night was a pretty good night. Me and the kid did our homework together :) I am somewhat annoyed over the fact he is not doing his classwork in Science and Social Studies (and sometimes English) but I am not in the classroom and have no idea what is going on. I explained, again, why good grades are important. He did say that he liked us doing that together (cranky mommy aside I suppose) and wants to do it again tonight (because, he has MORE stuff he hasn't finished).

I will have to remind him I have a Band Boosters meeting tonight :(

Class started for me, it's different since it's all online. I will be attempting to keep the snark out of any forum replies I think. It's a challenge, let me tell you ;)

This past weekend was good. We are watching Walking Dead since I've never had the chance to watch it. Freaky and awesome!!

While on vacation, I gained a few pounds. Not shocking I suppose! It was only like 4 lbs but I will be happy when I get them back off and then the attempt to go another 9 lbs after that. I am also attempting to cut back in sugar in a couple things. Mainly coffee and tea. So, the coffee is creamer only (I can drink it and I don't gag so there you go) and the tea, well. I haven't even used honey. I can tell you that I am learning to appreciate the actually taste of my teas more - without them having that sweet over taste to things - but it's an adjustment! One of the teas I am drinking is Spearmint tea, it's supposed to help women who have PCOS deal with hirsutism. Which, let me tell you, is not the most fun thing in the world. I am soooo tired of having to pluck daily. Granted, it's not a huge amount (some women get it bad :(  ) but still, you are always wondering - is there a stray whisker or hair some place that that person is staring at????

My period is not due until the 14th at the earliest and more likely the 16th but I have been having fun PMS stuff going on. Breaking out, back pain, sore boobs. Oh the joys!!

I have been having a hard time just getting up in the mornings. My bed is all warm and warm and who wants to go to work when you are snuggled in? Then again, I have Tiamet annoying the hell out of me in the mornings because, damn it, she wants food!! Which she has no problems expressing for a solid 20 minutes. Love her, but I kinda got the point in the first time :)

I think with the season finally starting to show itself (yay, it's been chilly!!) my body is doing this whole wonky dance of things. I have been craving Tortilla soup, for instance. And I want avocados more. I want to get my yard prepped for next spring and take care of some tree limbs before winter sets in fully. Finances are tight though, which is to be expected and I'm not stressing over them, but tight is still tight. Suffice it to say I will be spending more time watching the DVR shows and crocheting!! Oh and more cooking :) I want to learn how to make a good beef stew and some yummy country biscuits and and and. I probably have a wee bit of ADD with this stuff!!

So much is going on, with the Kid's band, work and life in general. Sometimes I like at the calendar and it's nice to see if full of awesome things. Other times I wonder if I can squeeze in a nap somewhere :)

My birthday is coming up. I will be taking the day off from work. Reading, making lasagna and some form of dessert. A couple friends are going to stop by in the evening. I just want a quiet and happy moment to savor. I feel like re-organizing some stuff too.

I need to put up my Halloween decorations too. Maybe this weekend :)


While today at work...

So not what I want to see at my desk - a stink bug. Lovely

However, these beauties I love to see when I take walks at work! She just had her foal a few weeks ago :)