Planning the Garden - Plotting

Ahem, as in planning things out!

I have some seeds. I am doing going to be all crazy and try to plant a big ass garden the 1st time around. I have like 5 things I want to grow in the backyard and in the front....well I am still working on that.

This would be useful I think :) I plan to get something like it. Later on though.

Oh and Composting! So that I have all the good stuff going to making soil/fertilizer for my veggies. This I would like to get now...

And this would be a big part of composting :)

And something to help out with the garden will be these lovelies (to be ordered or bought later on!)
because I also bought this:    

The Sunflowers will be along the side of the house, where I've been whacking out the previous bushes...

Oh and since the family that owned the house before me had this huge trampoline, there is a bald spot in the yard (on 1 side) and since I prefer the softer clover to grass, I've ordered this Mini Clover. I will be planting it in the back and front yards, in those spots that aren't going to be used for the veggie patches.

Here is a neat idea though...These are grow pots, so that if you don't have a huge backyard like me, you can use these. I still might try them out and see if I can grow stuff on the front porch or something with them...