Mercury Retrograde & Other Assorted Info

Mercury Retrograde

Updated for 2015!

Mercury Retrograde, is that lovely situation where the planet Mercury stands still a moment, but to us on Earth looks like it's moving backwards. Even though it's not doing much, the energies shift and it effects us. Granted, some are more effected than others. Once I learned about this years and years ago, I had to test the theory out. That 1st day of retrograde, it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work, which is normally only 20 minutes away. Thankfully not all retrogrades have effected me the same. It varies, more than likely depending on the other planets positions.

Anyways. I will try to add in more interesting information later on, but in the meantime here's 2014 dates:

All times/dates are in EST

January 21 @ 7:55 am– February 11 @ 6:58 am (direct) in Aquarius

May 18 @ 4:50 pm –June 11 @ 2:34 pm (direct) in Gemini

September 17 @ 10:10 pm – October 9 @ 6:58 am (direct) in Libra

Mercury deals with travel and communications. So typically noticeable things are traffic accidents and delays, things ordered on the Internet get back ordered/lost/canceled. Conversations get side tracked, misunderstood or confused.

NOT yet Updated:


April 5 @ 3:46 am in Libra
October 8 @ 6:55 am in Aries

April 29 @ 2:04 am in Taurus
October 23 @ 5:45 pm in Scorpio

Full Moons

Always check what sign the moon is in and see if it goes Void of Course

January - 15th @ 11:52 pm
February - 14th @ 6:53 pm (on Valentines day!)
March - 16th @ 1:08 pm
April - 15th @ 3:42 am (Tax Day)
May - 14th @ 3:16 pm
June - 13th @ 12:11 am
July - 12th @ 7:25 am
August - 10th @ 2:09 pm
September - 8th @ 9:38 pm
October - 8th @ 6:51 am
November - 6th @ 5:23 pm
December - 6th @ 7:27 am

According to the Witches' Datebook: 
"Lunar Phases

Waxing - is from New Moon to Full Moon, and is the ideal time to do magic to draw things to you.

Waning - is from Full Moon to New New Moon, and is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies."

New Moons are times to start good projects. Of course, you should always check what sign the Moon (as well as the other planets!!!) are in and what's going on with things. I think of it as either an extra boost to something that needs it, or how to deal with the energies if they are focused on other things.

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