My poor tree

I have a crape myrtle tree. Whatever the weather did the other day, made it sad.
It's almost like there was a down pour in the center of it!!


Cleaning out the weeds and possessed plants

Yes, the crazy pile of dead bush and trees is GONE. Along with the spiders, webs and all kinds of bugs and OMFG you should have seen the huge ass worms. It was freaky!


Notice the lack of massive amounts of weeds?? Heehee, it looks soooo much better now!

Oh and this? This is where that freaky possessed plant with all the roots WAS. Let me know tell you, I have never whacked at something, cut 80% of it out and have it BLOOM like it was nothing. I mean, seriously, it was creepy!

See, creepy! It belonged in a horror movie of some kind

What it was, was a bush/tree possessed thing that grew between another tree and split it. And they both kept growing. Ugh, but at least it's now gone :) This part was the very center of it, the heart of it. Put all the other roots and whatnot in the yard waste bags, this piece will get its own spot on the side walk for trash pick up :)