My PCOS Supplements and Meds

Since I am quite a few things, I'd thought I put it out there so I don't forget! I will update with the full details of which things are in each multivitamin and details as I get the chance!

Right now, I am not taking anything. However, what I've done is lost 25 lbs (by cutting down carbs, getting divorced and moving - amazing what that can do!) and since all the weight has been coming off, I've been getting my period on a regular basis. Now, I do drink Ginger tea once it hints at happening and during, which seems to make it go away faster :) But everything else, I haven't been taking for months now...

I have PCOS, a Fatty Liver and High Cholesterol.

EDIT: Ok, so actually, this needs to be really updated. I've been busy and I change my routine around to see what works better or not (as the case may be).

As of March 2015:

Methyl Folate 400 mcg -
Methyl folate ((6S)-5-methyl tetrahydrofolate or 5-MTHF) is the most biologically active form of folic acid. Quatrefolic is the 4th generation development in folate delivery. With certain inherited errors in metabolism and under a variety of physiologic stresses, the transformation of folic acid into the active form of folate either does not properly take place or is inadequate. Unlike folic acid, this form of folate can cross the blood-brain barrier. Methyl folate is needed to support cardiovascular and neurologic health and proper cell division. folate supplementation during pregnancy has been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ahem, when I remember)
Myo-Inositol - I have 2 different types (because, you know, I like to have it where I'm at...) One is Jarrows, which is sweet and can take very easily. The other is Just Relax, which is not sweet and yeah you gotta put it in water at least.


Just Relax:

Progesterone Natural Cream (also when I remember, which I typically ok with doing)
DCI, just started this, and I do like it in conjunction with Myo-Inositol

And...I think that's it for the moment.

This is what I was doing:


All are purchased from Answers From Nature since I have found they have the best, most potent stuff available!! And their shipping is super fast too!!

B-Healthy - This unique B complex contains several superior forms of B vitamins including Pyridoxal 5′-Phosphate (B-6), also referred to as P5P, Methylcobalamin (B-12), two forms of B-3, as well as 600 mcg of Folic Acid for it’s synergistic effect.
Per the Bottle: (hopefully I spelled everything right...)

50 mg
50 mg
10 mg

40 mg
Pantothenic Acid
250 mg
Pigridoxine HCI & Prydicoxal 5’ – Phospate
50 mg
100 mcg

Folate – Folic Acid
600 mg

500 mcg

100 mcg

Brown Rice Bran
50 mg

Calcium Magnesium Citrate - Calcium Citrate is an ionized, soluble, chelated form of calcium considered to be the most bio-available form, as it is often better absorbed than insoluble forms of calcium such as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. This formula is also unique in that it contains Magnesium Citrate rather than the less bioavalable forms commonly used. This product also offers the added benefit of 400 I.U. Vitamin D for synergistic effect.

Milk Thistle Standardized Extract - Milk Thistle Standardized Extract contains a flavonoid compound called Silymarin, which is best known for its ability to support the function of the liver. This formula combines 175 mg of Milk Thistle Seed Extract (standardized to 80% Silymarin) with 275 mg of Milk Thistle Seed Powder for synergistic effect.

Prolessterol - Prolessterol is a powerful combination of Red Yeast Rice, Guggul, Turmeric, Inositol, and Policosanol. Always consult your health care professional before incorporating anything new into your cholesterol management program.

Resveratrol Coenzyme Q-10 Complex - Resveratrol is potentially the most significant natural nutrient available today. Resveratrol studies too numerous to report are focusing on no less than 18 forms of cancer, life extension by activating a longevity gene, plus potential stroke and brain injury avoidance, stroke injury reduction or actual stroke survival. Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMG, and Quercetin are just some of the additional ingredients in this complex.

Total Immunity - Total Immunity is a cutting edge, comprehensive, high potency formula that puts other multi-vitamins to shame. For starters, it contains 100 mg of CoEnzyme Q-10. It also contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, and the “R” form of Alpha Lipoic Acid. There are about a dozen other aspects to this multi-vitamin as well that makes it truly superior to everything else on the market. The daily suggested dose is 6 capsules. The main difference between our original “Total Immunity”, and “Total Immunity III”, is that our original Total Immunity contains a net 400 mg of Calcium (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite); Total Immunity III does not.

Typically Purchased through Amazon
Biotin - Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for normal growth and body function.  Biotin is a key regulatory element in gluconeogenesis, fatty acid synthesis, and in the metabolism of some amino acids.  Alongside its role in energy production, Biotin enhances the synthesis of certain proteins.  In addition, Biotin promotes normal immunity and plays a critical role in skin health.

Evening Primrose Oil - Herbal Supplement. Standardized GLA 9%. 45 mg GLA. Popular with women of all ages, EPO helps provide nutritional support for women with PMS. Nature's Bounty's EPO is the best product of its kind on the market. The EPO used of for Nature's Bounty is 100% natural.

Krill Oil - Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) is known for its unique fatty acid (FA) profile, as well as for its rich antioxidant content.NKO's balanced fatty acid content includes not only EPA and DHA, the crucial Omega-3 FA's, but Omega-9 FA's and phospholipids, as well.NKO is a rich source of Astaxanthin, a powerful immune-supporting antioxidant. Clinical studies have shown that NKO can support joint comfort, healthy blood lipid levels, and may reduce symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.* Neptune Krill Oil is manufactured under strict quality control standards. It is tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants (i.e., mercury, heavy metals, PCB's, dioxins, and other contaminants).

Vital Nutrients - Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Nettle Root:  Pygeum herb has been traditionally used to support normal urinary health; Nettle root helps maintain healthy hormone metabolism in the prostate and assists in healthy urinary volume

Vitex - Vitex Fruit (Chaste Tree Berry) - 400 mg - Vitex or Chaste tree is a traditional woman's dietary supplement. Vitex is widely used to promote overall health and balance in a woman's cycle. Popular woman's supplement. Vitex (vitex agnus-castus is a traditional woman's dietary supplement to promote overall health and balance in a woman's life. * Picture may be of different size or flavor


Metformin - 500 mg x 1 per day
I've now substituted Cinnamon for Metformin

Typically purchased from my local super market, but the links will take you to Amazon
Female Toner - 98 % Organic. Spearmint leaf, rose hip, raspberry leaf, licorice root, strawberry leaf, lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena leaf, nettle leaf, ginger rhizome, angelica root, blessed thistle herb, chamomile flower, cramp bark. Female Toner® supports female systems* by combining herbs to support healthy menstruation, purify blood and to strengthen and tone the uterus.* Female Toner® uses a tonic approach to women's health and is based on the traditional use of raspberry and strawberry leaf with nettle and other complementary herbs to ease the difficulties of balancing female cycles. It's a pleasant blend of herbal tastes– slightly bitter and astringent with citrus and mint.

Ginger Tea - Organic ginger rhizome (1500mg). I use this when I want some help with my period (AF - Aunt Flo) to start. Drinking ginger tea can help relieve digestive upsets including gas and occasional indigestion.* Ginger's beneficial effects on stomach function have been proven in pharmacological studies.* Organic Ginger tastes agreeably pungent and spicy.

Raspberry Leaf - Supports the Female System. Love this tea, at any time! It's also great for when you do get your period! Organic Raspberry Leaf tea supports the female system* by aiding healthy menstruation as well as toning the uterus.* For millennia European and Native American women have safely used raspberry leaf for irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps and during pregnancy.* Today naturopaths and nurse-midwives often recommend raspberry leaf tea for these traditional uses. Raspberry leaf has a robust, full-bodied flavor reminiscent of fine black tea, making it an excellent choice for a caffeine-free breakfast or afternoon tea.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.