A few days worth of updates - Court - Crown - Bday

So - hmmm - where to start. Let's see, Wednesday I had to take my kid to Court, because he was a victim (and how I hate that young kids can and do get classified that way) of assault while at school. Yes, I pressed charges - though to be honest, it was all caught on video so *I* didn't really need to do anything as the school Police Officer was able to use that for the formal charges. I did let the VP know that I would if needed though. The kid that attacked him laid in wait - a very predatory action - and beat the crap out of him. Not so badly that there was major bruising or anything broken, but enough to probably scar him for a while (maybe life, he hasn't had that many traumatic things happen to him...so this will probably stand out). It turns out the kid that attacked him had 4 other cases and someone mentioned a total of 18 charges. Holy shit! This kid is only 13!! I mean, DAMN. It's just sad. My kid was most nervous just about seeing him again. We had received a Witness Subpoena to testify but the police officer said he would probably plead guilty and that my kid would not have to say anything. Which is basically what happened. The kid plead guilty to my son's case and a burglary and the other 3 cases were dismissed. It seems that these 2 will do the most damage/time and that this kid will more than likely end up in Juvie until he's 21. 21 years old. Maybe he will get out early, who knows. His lawyer asked for a delayed sentencing, something about his mother wanting him to have access to a land line. His grandmother was also offered as a possible place to stay, I assume that's if he is able to have a home arrest ??? No idea. It was an interesting, to say the least, experience. Not something I think any of us wants a repeat of.

Prior to us even entering the courthouse however, I ate a piece of gum and my temporary crown came out. Joys. I kept it in my pocket and felt very annoyed. A day before my birthday, while at court, is not the best time for dental issues! After court, I called my dentist and explained what happened. Scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. When I got there, I found out my permanent crown was in, so the dentist just did that of course. To say I was a bit nervous might not cover it. You see, several years ago I had a root canal done and the crown was put in right before my birthday. On my birthday I was hanging out with my BFF and noticed my teeth hurting. I got a headache as well. I figured something was in my teeth somewhere and went to floss. While flossing, one of my other teeth, one in the front portion of my mouth, BROKE. Trauma much? Yep. So me getting dental work, just before my birthday, smacks of deja vu. Ugh! Luckily, nothing has happened like that. Yet. I don't exactly have the bestest luck with my teeth.

I ended up taking a nap afterwards and not going to work at all on Wednesday, oppsie. Thursday I had scheduled off already, because of my birthday. You see, I am not all that fond of my birthday. It's basically been fucked up in one way or another so many times that I now just give up on it. I have no idea if that will change, and I know some people would like to see that change, and I am certainly open to things changing, but I just don't know. Yesterday, thankfully, it wasn't a bad birthday. Of course, I did cut my finger and burn my wrist a little bit while cooking, but that's not too bad! I also did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned, swept and just got some stuff done around the house. Things got better as the night wore on (minus the spider situation) which is a good thing. And minus the fact my period came in full force. At least I have plenty of left overs (lasagna and dump cake) for a few days!! YUM!!

Of course, today, I drop my phone and even though I seem to do this on a regular basis, today it was on concrete and my faithful protective case was not successful in preventing my screen from splatting and cracking all kinds of pretty. It still works. But it now needs to be replaced.
This is NOT my phone, just a similar enough cracked screen

So, with this in mind, I will be heading to the AT&T store and see what phones are there and how much. Amazon is pretty awesome in price shopping I've noticed, and yes, I've already started checking out what phones are available. Not an expense I was planning on, but with my luck, I'd cut a finger on the crack some how.

Since I was out for 2 days, I have a ton of shit to get done at work. However, the 3 glasses of wine last night are making me somewhat not all here enough to focus on work and not mindlessly wander around in my head and stare at the rain. It's another perfect day for lazing around in bed, reading, drinking hot tea and napping. I really need to do those things at some point! It just won't be any time soon. Next weekend I plan on painting the kids room and HOPEFULLY the office. Maybe I will drag my sister to Home Depot tonight (it's not exactly party central) to help me pick out the main color for my bedroom :) It will be some shade of purple. I am pretty sure about that. Pretty sure. Pret-ty sure. Hmmm....

Anyway! I've had no time to think straight today so far! Work has been non stop! Speaking of which, back to the grind!!!


Tuesday - Bleh

Busy busy busy!

Made mexican last night. Yum. Going out for dinner tonight though :) Then maybe shopping! If we're in the mood :)

I've come to the realization that one of my bosses does better with women who are cranky/mean. Since I am PMS'ing, and therefore in a somewhat cranky mood, he seems nicer and more light hearted. He said he felt like he was at home with his wife. Which makes me think 2 things. That he likes/used to crankier/bitchier women and that he will leave me alone after laughing at me curse my computer and mutter under my breath about stupid PC's. Ahem. It seems I am too nice all the time. Who knew!

Also: I am really needing a hug today. Ever get the feeling, that you just need to be hugged? Like, A lot? For a long long time? Yeah, my heart is sorta achy and needs hugs. I am blaming PMS emotions on that one...

There is a cricket, somewhere behind me, hiding in the cabinets. It's loud. Joys.

Back to the grind


It's a chilly, rainy Monday morning

I should have brought a scarf to work. I am wearing a cute knit beanie hat today, but it's not warm enough for this chilly morning. So, I'm drinking some hot tea and wearing a fleece jacket and trying to wake up. I don't like waking up. I'd much rather be asleep, in a warm cozy comfy bed. Curled up inside my nest of blankets and warm kitties. Diego alone is an awesome heat source, love it when he sleeps against my back.

This weekend, got waxed :) Yay :) Though I have 2 patches on my inner thighs that are NOT thanking me. I've been smearing some yummy lavender oil blend on them which is helping though.

My sister got in around lunch time on Saturday! YAY!!! SO EXCITED!!! It is so unbelievably AWESOME to see her and talk to her and just hang out! I mean, wow. I have really and truly missed her!

We went to Mom's Organic store yesterday and Martins to get some groceries. Mom's is always a huge treat for me :) Love shopping there :)

I want to take her to a couple different restaurants in the area, probably tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday (my bday) I am making lasagna and dump cake. I have not had to best luck with my birthday in the past several years...so I am taking that day off from work and hoping to just kind of hide from the world, make some good food and celebrate with loved ones. Quiet, easy, fun. Maybe watch a movie.

Then there is Friday and Saturday we can still check out stuff. I want to take her to Shepherdstown at least one night :) And the Catina is on Tuesday :) After dinner :)

Western Maryland is such a different place from Southern California. I know it's a bit of a culture shock. And it's kinda neat to see someone else go through what I did when I first moved here. I mean, I lived in Southern CA for a good portion of my young life and was in South Florida for 10 years. It's just SO damn different!! Not bad, per se, but wow you gotta adjust! It's a different mentality, different perspective in a lot of ways...just because life is different - not that people don't do the same types of things like work, home life and everything else. It's just that here is so green, things are farther away from each other, the pace is different...among other things. It's actually hard for me to explain for some reason right now.

Oh and I ordered another cute ass hat the other day:

Can't wait until this one comes in :) I'm wearing a green knit beanie one today :) Looks very french, almost.

Ok, work is busy, shock. I need some more hot tea. Also: My period is thinking of starting, but it's just a minor thought at the moment. My lower back pain is starting though, which is always fun - not!