Garden Started!

Now, there was probably 15-20 tomato plants, that I had not noticed until after I bought a new freaking plant, already - ALREADY  - growing in my garden. From last years Cherry tomato plant that had seeds get left over. Mutant soil :)

After Mike did much digging and turning of soil, we were able to plant!

There are onions, cucumber, zucchini, ONE tomato plant, sweet potatoes and a basil plant. I will be adding in green beans from seeds this week :D

Oh and one pumpkin! Last year, the one pumpkin plant netted us 6 large pumpkins, so I moved it to its own space this year and am hoping for the best.

Now, this is the front yard. I have 5 pepper plants, some with yellow leaves from all the rain recently. I added in another cucumber plant and 2 more types of peppers. The front yard is an experiment to see what will grow or not, amongst the flowers.

And some sneaky bird left a blackberry seed as a present, which is now turning into a blackberry bush! I am not arguing :)


This pretty purple flower grows on the side of my backyard,

Seriously bloomed!

 Side view :)

Primroses that I planted last year, a single flower I think, which is now this incredible bush!


Upcoming Summer of vacations!

So, due to things outside of our control, we are taking 2 vacations. Horrid, I know. I mean, who wants to spend time with family in California AND 5 days at Disney World and then 2 days relaxing at Cabana Bay Resort (right by Universal Studios)

June, it's a flight to LAX, renting a 50' yacht (instead of a hotel), because I can, and a Dodge Challenger, again because I can. It's only like 5 days. Leaving Wednesday, arriving late and hoping I am not brain dead on Thursday. We fly back on Monday night, red eye. But I am taking Tuesday off so that I can recover and do laundry.

We have some tentative plans, ie Disneyland and 6 Flags Magic Mountain. I hoping to either visit Santa Monica or Venice. Of course, I am most excited about seeing my family :) :) :)

2nd vacation is in early August, we are driving - with 3 teenagers - to Disney World. It will be 5 days of the happiest place in the world, that I have never been to before. Slightly intimidating. Especially since my awesome boyfriend and his kids know it very very well! I sorta feel a little lost in some of it! I am super excited!! I can't wait to see all these things I've heard about. I am just a tad bit nervous it seems. It will also be as hot as fuck that week. I remember those days in Florida, the heat and humidity. I need to work my arms out so that I don't like some whacked out octopus in tank tops. Because, yeah...


Snow pics of the Blizzard 2016

We dug out the alley behind the house, after digging out the 2 cars...Yes, THAT MUCH we dug out :)

Oh and I totally got some that snow off the roof yesterday. Freaky!
Day One below: