Flipping Friday

Today is a busy day. Not just at work either.

The Kid has a football game tonight, the first in his marching band career! Since it will be tonight and todays high is supposed to be 51 degrees, we will be freezing our collective asses off. I so remember those days in HS though. I personally had a lot of fun, minus all the hard work, being in marching band. Anyway, we won't get home until probably about 11 pm. Yikes.

Then tomorrow night, it's almost a rinse and repeat, just a parade and slightly earlier home time. During the day, I will probably be cleaning and organizing a little bit downstairs.

Sunday, we have plans and will probably be out most of the day. I swear, I will sleep at some point!

Update on Puck:
So, I have been calling the Vet every day, trying to get a hold of the Dr and see what is up. Well, I still didn't talk to her, but I did at least speak to someone. Who somewhat relayed what the Dr. said and that she wanted to do a urine culture, which would entail Puck being there all day, them taking the urine directly from his bladder and costing me about $160. I just don't have it. Partly because I know it won't end there. With Vets and animals, it almost never ever does. She did say that his kidneys are borderline and that is possible to step away from the brink. With a special diet, supplements and fluids being pushed (see what I mean about it not ending??). Hello, single mom here who works full time and barely has time to eat anymore. So. I asked what other options there are. She called me back much later and said I could do a general antibiotic and see if that kills anything that MIGHT be growing in his urine (aka bacteria) and that the Dr. will talk me to later at some point about options. One of the things she brought up was just a "wait and see" on how he's doing. And for the last couple of days, he's been ok. He's been sitting next me, he's eating, drinking and everything else. We're keeping the bathroom door shut so he won't pee on the towel/rug in there. And I got this Nature's Miracle to eliminate the urine odorbut the one I got is lavender scented I think. Hopefully it will work and the antibiotics will work. However, the eventuality of it is that he will have be put to sleep once things get worse :_( So. I'm taking lots of pictures of him. I'm keeping the Kid aware of the situation, because that is not a happy surprise.

It's not an ideal situation, but any situation with a sick cat is never good.

In other news, still not reading as much as I was. Not sure if this good, bad or just eh. Maybe at some point this weekend I will read. LOL, gods, that sounds so weird to me - the one who used to read 4 or 5 books in a week. It just seems that my time is better spend elsewhere now...Will see what kind of balance can be reached ;)

Back to the grind


Happy Thursday - I am starting to LOVE me some Thursdays

OMG  - It actually snowed for a blink of an eye here today! Wow! I wonder what this means for this winter. Is this winter supposed to be worse than last year?? I should probably check that out!

So I got in some the stuff I purchased and 2 of 3 items didn't work out. Which is how it is sometimes when ordering stuff online without the ability to see if it fits. I am not too stressed, as the ones that didn't fit were not that expensive.

This one fit:

These did NOT fit:

Now, the cute black dress? Hmmm, if I lose the weight I want to lose, I bet you money I will be able to wear it. Their Large is really a size 10. Right now, I am basically a size 12 in most things and sometimes a 14 depending on the style and whatnot. Some more or some less, you never know. Both of these were made in China and the bodice shipped from China so I am not going to ask for a refund. Too much of a pain in the ass! The bodice, well not sure if I can EVER fit that one, because damn it's made for someone who's idea of Large is a pinky or something. I probably know someone who's a stick figure that I can gift this too. I hope. Will see.

Tonight is Pizza night. Tonight I am going to make rice krispies damn it. Hot sticky yummy goodness, all right there.

I have some laundry to put away and some dishes to do and probably sweep the house again. Never ending sweeping.

I haven't heard from the vet. I've called every day. Ahem. Annoyed is what I am starting to get.

Work is busy as all get out. Plus I am leaving early a lot lately for the Kid's band practice, football game and Monday is his dental appointment. Good times baby!

Oh and Thursday? It's a good day :) That's all I'm saying about it. Really. Really good day.


Whacked Wednesday

Hmmm....let's see...

I am still somewhat exhausted and that probably won't change any time in the foreseeable future. Between work, house work, the Kid's band schedule and other life life-y-ness, I am pretty much going to be on my feet and just go - go - going pretty much all this month and half of next. Ok, realistic, into the new year. But whatever!!

But then...then...I have VACATION!!!

I am excited, nervous and sorta ho hum about vacation. I have loved ones I am going to really miss while gone. I'm scared silly about being on the ocean but super excited about visiting other countries.

Good News:
Weight is staying the same. Miracle in some ways, since I've quit smoking I would think I would gain some weight.

Life is good overall, so there is that. Focus on the good things!!

Sorta Bad News:
You know, this week has been a bit of a cluster fuck. And what do I realize? Mercury Retrograde started on Monday. Go fucking figure.

I think that for 2014, I am going to work on that page of my blog and give it some more information.

Bad News:
The kid said his knees were hurting. I had assumed 2 things: 1 - it was from the fall and should be checked out or 2 - he's growing again (have I mentioned he's gotten taller in the last month? Yeah, I should probably measure him). So, I called his Dr. and took him in. Who knew it's been a couple years since his last visit! Anyway, the Dr. said it wasn't the falling down the stairs. Oh nos. He has what is called Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is not so much a disease...


The Dr said it's common, between ages 10-16 and that it usually ends around 16. It's not the end of the world and there isn't much to do for it, other than rest and if need pain meds (advil type). So, his whining now has a name and reason.

Oh and he needs some vaccinations. Got those scheduled for November. Good times for him!!

More Bad News:
Puck, my poor kitty Puck, is having issues. Spoke to the Vet and she said that his kidney's are not doing so hot. His urine is not concentrated, this means his kidney's aren't working like they should. And honestly, when the kidney's are going - it's just a matter of time before his organs start shutting down. I have read that a lot of people can push the fluids for their cats, basically bypassing the kidney functions...and that it can extend the kitty's life months to another 1-2 years. For me, it comes into a situation that's 3-fold. 1. I don't have the time (sad, I know) 2. I don't have the money (also sad, I know) and 3. I - personally - don't think the quality of life would be all that. He's 12 years old, old but not that old. Also, from what I've read, when a cat starts showing symptoms, that means 70-75% of the kidney's are gone. And yes, some people are really good at devoting all their time to their sick cat. I really wish I could. But the fact is, even if I did - I am only prolonging his life for months and maybe a year or 2. Is that really fair to him? I don't know. It's a really tough question. I've been thinking about this for days now and I am still not sure what the answer is. For me, if this was me, and I didn't have kids or anything - just companions and all I did was sleep a lot - I think I'd rather just go...but that's me. And he is a big part of our family, part of our dynamic. I can only imagine how Diego and Tiamet are going to react. Daisy, she's going to miss him, but probably not as much as Tiamet (his sister) or Diego will. Not to mention, we got Puck and Tiamet just after the Kid was born. He's had them his whole life. When I talked to him about the situation, he said that we should let Puck be put down, that he doesn't want him to suffer for anything. Oh my gods, my kid. He loves Puck as much as I do. He loves all our cats. It's just hard. It's part of life and I wish things were easier. I wish he wasn't sick and that he didn't have to go through this. It makes me wonder if I should see about changing the cats diet again, add in more protein and see if I can at least make sure the kitten and Diego (hopefully Diego) don't get this. Diego, dude is fat. No idea what to do with him sometimes. I don't know. Maybe I will research a raw diet for them and just get away completely from processed food (though I will keep a small amount for bad weather situations...) I don't know. It just seems, this is all fucked up. Inside house hold cats should NOT have the type of health issues they are getting, if their food was healthy. I know I switched mine in the last few years to the much higher grade of food, but damn. Too little too late???

It's hard thinking about it. And Tiamet, her thyroid - I haven't been the best kitty mommy about giving her her meds (between the divorce, the house and everything, it's just been rough) and the Dr said it's not under control. Ugh.

I need more time in the day, more energy or a clone of myself or perhaps part myself and part robot who doesn't need to sleep or take breaks. And a handy man. And a massager. And someone who will keep me warm at night. And maybe a chef. You get the idea. LOL.

Just a quickie - for right now

Work yesterday kicked my fat ass that's for sure. We had office movers and installers in to move/set up shelves and move these pallets/racks/shelves/anything heavy into a new warehouse that will probably be a good portion where I spend my days moving forward.

I barely sat down, completely missed lunch and talked myself hoarse. Good times! But the shit got done, and that's all that matters :)

However, here's some life/death that was going on.

This poor toad. It seems it was getting too cold for the little guy. He's barely alive in this picture...

Here we have a mouse in the house at work. I tried to get a picture of him but all I seem to get was the nest he's made himself.


Monday Madness = Body Sore and multiple various things

Friday night was sorta rough. I attempted to move the kids room into an ordered chaos (ie, everything away from the walls with enough room to paint them) and also attempted to put painters tape around things like windows or doors. Yeah, that was somewhat successful. All the while half way drunk on JD Honey Whiskey (yum!) because it was Friday night and damn it, I wanted a drink.

Saturday, I got up late Saturday morning (see JD Honey Whiskey above), did the cat litter, dishes and took a shower. Then, prepped for painting. Got my music going and got to work. It was about 1 pm when I finally get cracking.

Ceiling was first. I'm surprised I don't have a kink in my neck from looking up. I just did 1 coat on the ceiling, since it's a dark color.

This first picture shows you the ceiling grey with the old blue walls (bright blue, that is). There was still good natural light coming in at this point. The paint is still sorta wet though in this shot.

That took about 1.5 hours. I stopped for a brief lunch, standing - because I had paint on my clothes and didn't want to sit on anything - and had a short phone conversation and then it was back to work.

By the time I was done with the walls, it was dark out - which is why this picture isn't as bright. I ended up having to do 2 coats on the walls, since that color is a nice light grey - the bright blue was showing through making them look dirty. So, another short break to drink something and shove some kind of edible food into my mouth, then the 2nd coat was applied. I will say that on the last 3 little walls (I really really didn't want to finish Saturday, but I did! I have plans for Sunday and didn't want to change those) I just make it a thicker 1 coat - mainly because 1: I was running out of paint and 2: I was fucking tired. FUCKING TIRED.

It's not perfect, but it doesn't NEED to be. It will eventually get painted again - AND - if the kid/I want, I have enough paint for some (read: very very minor ones) touch ups.

I had to move furniture, more than once. I did a lot of stairs, bending, on my tippy toes for a good portion and crouching down to get the bottom of the walls.

At the end, I texted the picture to the kid, took another shower, attempted to get what paint out of things that I could, and plopped myself down on my couch. I was too tired to cook and too tired to actually put on more than panties and a tee-shirt to answer the door if I had bothered to order food in. It was close to 8 pm when the room was done and before I started the clean up process. It was about 9 pm when I sat down. It was about 10:30 pm when I finally said fuck it and took my tired ass up the stairs. Only to have to come down (and yes, back up) them 3 times after that because the fucking caterwauling cat Puck would not shut the hell up. I finally gave up and slept on the couch. It was past 3 am at this point. Seriously.

Sunday, I was up at 8:52 am. Hello sunshine, bite me. Fed the cats, did the dishes, the cat litter and made myself 2 eggs. And coffee. Coffee is my bestest of best friends. Coffee Rules.

Then I took a shower and got ready. Then realized I had more time than I thought, and cleaned some more, ie: sweeping - that never ending bitch that drives me. I hope I am burning calories with this shit. Organized some of CD's (read: moved them to the media case and shoved them into a slot) and did some of my finances. Stupid medical bills - they SUCK.

Anyways, then I was out all afternoon and early evening. I'm about 10 minutes from the house when my Kid calls me and tells me he took a dive down the stairs. It seems that they didn't like him or his socks for some reason and tossed him down. He was not happy. I was not happy. He's fine, nothing broken, bleeding or bruised (that I could see). His pads of his feet hurt but that calmed down as the night wore on. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt and not my clutz genetics at work here. This morning, he was 100% normal. Heart Attack for Mom - 1.

Busy ass weekend. Wonderful and awesome in many many ways. Accidental stair case maneuvers, notwithstanding.

Today, however. My body fucking ACHES. My knees - OH MY FUCKING GODS my knees HATE me and want me to keel over and die! Thankfully my arm that was hurting so bad Saturday night is movable again. But my hips and knees? They hate my sorry ass! I have been taking advil or aleve since Saturday night and they just scream bloody murder at me. And what do I do? Ignore it. Granted, today it seems to be worse. Today, it feels like someone is driving needles under my knee caps. That's a joyous feeling let me tell you.

I need to start doing yoga again. Seriously. Because this shit is NOT cool. Not cool AT ALL.

So, I am going to go walk around this lovely new storage building and figure out racks and shit and pretend that pain is my friend. A really unwanted, annoying friend - but there you go.

Cruise Clothes

I already have:
  • 1 Formal Evening Gown (it's sparkly, green and makes me look hot - or so I've been told)
  • 1 Formal Pink Dress for one of our events
  • 1 Summery type dress I can wear to one of the islands
  • 2 Bikini tops and 1 shorts to go with either
  • Jeans (will I even need a pair?)

Here are some of what I've purchased:

What I need?? Ha
  • Shorts (in my new size) which means I might see if Old Navy has anything.
  • Shirts - I have some, but most are for work. Who wants to wear work clothes on a cruise? I have others, but those are more for dates. And the ones I wear on the weekends? Are starting to get a little worn out.
  • New sandals? New walking shoes
  • I can't think of anything else, because it's only a week and it shouldn't be that crazy. It seems the most I need are clothes for dinner (since you can't wear shorts and whatnot after 5:30 or something like that...thus these dresses).
It's a Caribbean cruise, I don't want to wear pants for any reason, unless I am in a jungle. 

I want sun, beaches, yummy drinks and good conversation with my BFF. And maybe some cool excursions as well :)