Good message, if anything

An old Cherokee told his grandson, "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth."

The boy thought about it, and asked, "Grandfather, which wolf wins?"

The old man quietly replied, "the one you feed"

- Author Unknown

I really needed to read this tonight.  I've always loved this message and analogy.

I know which one I choose to feed. Sometimes we just need a reminder...

Seriously ?

Ok, so...I walk to my car this morning be cause I had a wax appointment. I open my door, get in and hear something. Then I notice it's kinda cold and sounded like a window was open. So I look behind me and what do a see? A hole in my rear window.

Ummm, what the fuck?

I don't see any foot prints (it had snowed early that morning or late the previous night). So I had ASSUMED it was the cold. Somehow. I mean, granted it wasn't super freaky cold the other night, not like last week. 

So I look at the window more and the whole thing is just shattered. Shattered.

I call Safelite and the earliest it can get fixed is Thursday. But I took to them so that I can at least get plastic up. At the place, the guy points out that SOME FUCKING ASSHOLE threw a rock at my window.

Here's another one showing the damage to the back door.

Now, granted it could have been a rock kicked up by someone driving by. Maybe. However, I have a feeling that MIGHT not be the case.


So fuck you you mother fucking asshole who threw a rock at my car. I hope you fucking get what's coming to you. 



Chicken Soup part 2

So, here is what the end product looks like.
I added in some salt, pepper and seasonings. Not quite sure if I added in enough or good ones though ! I will actually eat some tonight I hope ! 1st time making it, not expecting much :)
I will say that at least the chicken itself was yummy !!

Chicken Soup

Prep items for chicken stock
And the making the chicken stock
And this morning at 2 something ? Me straining said chicken stock.
And again this morning at 7 am ? Setting up the chicken soup !
I'm tired. I could not sleep with the slow cooker on though, and I have no idea why. Ugh. Suffice it to say tonight will be an early to bed one for me !
I'm almost done with the Kid's scarf though. I need to pick up 1 more skein of yarn to finish the edging :)  He saw it a little bit last night and seemed pretty happy with it so far :) Since I am dropping him off at his Dad's night, I will swing by AC Moore and get the last skein of yarn for it.
Right now? It's me and coffee and possibly some massive amounts of sugar from a Coffee Roll type of donut. Ahem.
Then it's back to working and thinking and wondering and all those good things!!



Here is a pic of the scarf I finished the other day.
I'm now working on for the Kid :)


Tuesday's Rain

It's one of those perfect days for staying in bed all day. Where you are lucky enough to have room service bring you hot yummy tea, warm bread with butter and honey and then throw in a hot guy and life is absolutely perfect.

Today is hopefully going to be busy. I know it will be pretty busy tonight once I'm home. I've gotta give the fat cat Diego a bath, take back the damn Nike shoes that don't fit the Kid, do some dishes, sweep because I always need to sweep and I may even organize the closet in my office. Maybe. And paint my nails. Yep, gotta do that! Oh and take a pic of my scarf.

I need to make some more scarves. I was looking at mine and noticed I have more purple/pink than anything. I should probably do a green, blue, red, and maybe something else...and maybe just more than 1 of those other colors too. Hmmm, winter hobbies can be fun.

Also, tonight is movie night I think at home. Gotta pick up something new to watch with the Kid. Make some popcorn and relax with him :)

Tomorrow I'm working on my puzzle some more, damn it, hell or high water!!

Have you ever heard of an apartment that would charge more if your son/daughter spent more time there (as in, you have full custody or joint custody, or hells, you just got additional time with said child) as compared to when you first moved in? That's a new one to me. Sure, I've heard of pet monthly fees, but not that. Perhaps if you went from 1 or 2 people to say OVER capacity for a place (I believe our old apartment actually had a capacity - like no more than 6 people or something to an apartment, hmmmm I wonder if I still have that old contract if it showed that.) Well, now I'm curious! I wonder what other fucked up policies apartment owners have in place!!  At least I don't have to worry about that shit anymore :) No HOA, it's just me - the owner - Of course, I gotta abide by state/city laws, but damn have to do that anyways so it's no big deal. It would suck for those people in that situation though, where an apartment complex were such assholes that way. Gods forbid someone get pregnant and have a kid, or twins! YIKES!!

In other thoughts!! I am totally wearing my red hot pants today! LOL, I got them on sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago ($9 cords, talk about a steal!) and I need to wear a belt with them because they are bit of low riders and I don't need to flash people my oh so sexy underwear!! But I did have 1 coworker just tell me that I make corduroys look sexy, so that's something I suppose!

I gotta schedule time to get my hair cut and get my Brazilian wax done too. And go to Home Depot, get the paint samples and a quote for my shower.

Seriously busy! But at least things are moving forward and in the right directions :)


I'm in Love


With these amazing socks!!

On the left are Smartwool and the right one is Darn Tough (it has a life time guarantee, who knew!) I had originally got a pair of pretty purple/gray Smartwool socks when I got my new winter boots. I had worn said socks with those boots but I had thought it was the boots keeping my feet deliciously warm. I did really like the socks though and had decided to get a couple more pairs.


I wore my boots last week with my normal not so smart or tough socks, and my my tootsies were just a tad bit chilled and not as happy!! Today, I am wearing my normal sketchers and a pair of Darn Tough socks - my feet are seriously happy. I mean, they are fucking socks for crying out loud!! Right now I have the 3 pairs and I think I will be able to survive the remains of winter with them. However, I am seriously contemplating WHICH pair I want to buy next. They are pretty expensive, especially for socks! because they typically run $15-$25 a pair (OUCH). I usually try to find things when they are on sale (thus my hunt will ensue until next winter I think) to save money.

Oh and another thing that is completely awesome? They are size Medium. You see, this is the FIRST thing (so so very sad) that I've bought and fits perfect and is a MEDIUM. Large is normal, XL sometimes depending on who made what. But Medium?? Medium?? Nope! And it's just so awesome I am grinning just thinking about it!

Ok, moving on from the awesomeness of socks!

Friday, I dropped the Kid off at his Dad's. Didn't do a lot Friday night. Saturday morning, I cleaned, did laundry, organized my closet, finally hung up a curtain in my Library so that I didn't have a sheet there anymore, put the Xmas stuff in the attic, organized my jewelry box and yes I did order another thing to store my rings in, and that night had a Wiccan/Divination group meeting in Williamsport. It was pretty awesome. Also finally got the mirror hung up. It's so nice to not having it leaning against the wall and leaving marks on it!!

On Thursday I had started a scarf and finished it last night :) I will take pics tonight and post them. I am pretty sure it was this color yarn. I will have to double check. It was a super chunky one though, which is why I think I was able to make it faster :) It came out pretty nice :) I hope to make a couple more scarves in the next few weeks. Then I want to finish the baby blanket I've had for years and just get it done!! Here is the one scarf I got done earlier this week though.

Sunday was a good day :) Got to sleep in which was nice!! Breakfast was yummy :) The day was good. I picked up the Kid at 6 pm and he didn't want to leave his dad's. Which actually is a good thing. I know that it can be really hard, this whole divorce thing, and I am very happy the Kid is happy at both places. That is very very important.

This week is going to be busy in a lot of ways. Speaking of which, work is definitely busy today! I need more coffee!!