Jeans and Inches and Weight oh my

So. I have been wearing my jeans, innocently thinking they were my size 12's, since I had thought I only bought 1 pair of size 10's. Ahem. This morning I pull out a pair and check the size (ok, ok it's because if I weight more than x amount, I wear size 12 but if I lose a couple lbs, I wear size 10. blah!) and all 3 of my jeans were size 10's. No 12's in the bunch. This mean, ALL last week I was wearing size 10's and had NO IDEA.

You gotta understand. I thought my size 12's were getting slightly looser. NOT my 10's!

AWESOMENESS is reigning me :)

Of course, this is just this brand, because clothes sizes it like ice cream, different places different flavors.

Still, I am very happy :) I have no idea if I can fit a size 8. I have some lovely hips on me and my thigh, though getting smaller, are still bigger than you're average!! More muscle than fat though :) I love doing squats!! My calves are scary big too, though those are starting to trim down just a wee bit :)

I am losing inches all around, which is good. I am slowly losing weight. Which is also good. Ok, granted I ate chinese food on Saturday night and thus gained 2 lbs which I now have to re-work off, but it's a doable thing :)

Also, love roller skating :) Went again with the Kid on Sunday.