About Me

I am a Pagan/witchy mom who works full time for a secret organization...ok not really. Well, I do work full time, as a Logistics Coordinator in Space. Nothing too exciting, let me tell you, but it pays the bills and I am not usually bored out of my skull.

I have been slowly trying to change the family's diet to more organic foods.There is an organic market about 30 miles away that we get to about every 2 weeks or so, but otherwise I seek out those organic products in our local stores that I can find. Otherwise, I read a lot of labels and take a long time shopping...

I've been pagan for about 18 years now, mostly on my own though I had originally belonged to a Coven in Southern California. Honestly, I am just too much of a feminist to participate in a Patriarch driven type of religion of any sort. I love my Goddesses and Gods - a Libra through and through!I love the symbolism behind them, the simpler way of living.

I have 1 son, who is 13 years old and absolutely amazing :^D I would love to have more kids, but PCOS decided to be a bitch and prevent that - but some day, who knows!! Also have 3 cats, Tiamet, Diego is a 20+ lbs cat that is also a Hemingway and now Daisy, a seriously little mischief maker who's about 1 year old at the moment.

I do a lot of research and reading, always wanting to know what is going on in the world and our little piece of it. Alas, lately I just really haven't as much time for news. Reading I still do, just books :)

I'm trying to lose weight. I would like to lose 50 lbs, now closer 35  25lbs. LIKE being the operative word here. So, I am eating better, doing some Wii Zumba, Ballet and lots of walking. And now I have a punching bag, a house with loads of house and yard work to do. And steps. And I have mentioned yard work? Also: Less carbs!

Anyways, that's about it for now...or is it???