Freaky Friday's Thoughts....which are not that exciting...unless you count Sugar Walls

Yesterday, work kicked-my-ass. I barely sat down. A good thing, in some ways. Annoying in others. I has things to do!! So lunch time was taken up with Band Booster stuff, which it will again today.

I had a band boosters meeting last night, I got there early as I had more stuff to catch up on. I brought the kids laptop so I could work on things. It turns out that was REALLY helpful, because during the meeting I was able to get a lot of stuff done too.

PMS has only made a wee bit cranky, nothing bitch quality yet. But I've noticed my temper at work need to be reigned in more. Bloated/water weight has added a few pounds, which I hate but at least know it will go away. And still not smoking too. Weird. Very very weird. I am, of course, not reading as much, which is even more weird. I have a couple books I do want to finish, maybe I will get some time soon??? Maybe not! Too much stuff going on! :) Tonight, it's laundry, vacuuming and straightening up - no real big stuff. Tomorrow, my sister gets here!!! Yay!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Watched some TV last night, got distracted and finally went to bed. Even though I went to bed at a decent hour (hey, it was before 11 pm!!) I could NOT sleep. Thoughts just kept churning over and over at me.

Ok, so I woke up at like 5 am for some strange reason this morning. After falling back asleep though, I dreamed of sex. Like major-ly yummy hot sex. See, with PMS - the week before my period - my libido seems to go into over drive. And the books I am reading right now aren't exactly helping with that. So. Yes, dream sex. And for some reason during this dreamy sex marathon in my head, I hear Sheena Easton's song - Sugar Walls. Now, talk about a flash back! I remember when this was on the radio. Ahem. Loved it then, didn't quite understand it as I do now!! So. There you go


Wednesday Wickedness

Tonight, I am thinking of starting to put up some of my Halloween/Samhain decorations. I am thinking that I will head out tomorrow and see if I can get some more. Since I now have a house, I can really make things look cool or scary or just full of the awesomeness. And Wickedness. I hope.

Also, I will be cleaning. In some kind of wicked manner. Don't ask me how that is supposed to happen, I will figure it out. Hmmmm, I guess that might depend on ones definition of wicked.

My ankle is still annoying me. It's not so much my foot anymore, the pain now seems more focused on my ankle. I think this is because of how I re-injured it on Sunday at my cousins. Because, you know, I am just so damned special that way! It is slowing me down though, which really sucks because I have a lot of shit to get done! Did another load of laundry last night (I know, this is just to most exciting thing EVER to be posted on ones blog).

I've asked the Kid to vacuum every day this week. It has yet to happen. Which means I will be vacuuming tonight as part of my clean up. I will HOPEFULLY also complete (ha, or at least attempt to complete) the following:
  • Finish clearing up the Library
  • Finish hiding/stashing stuff I need to sort and then file in my Office and Bedroom
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Do 1 more load of laundry, and put away
  • Misc. clean up around the house (you know, just putting the junk away or in the trash)
Then on Thursday: Make mine and the kids bed (aka, fresh sheets, etc) and also see about straightening up anything that's left over.

Then pass out. In some form of drunken bliss. Maybe. Not sure about the drunken part! Bliss always sounds good though. And maybe order take out (again, it's been one of those weeks)

You see, I didn't quite forget that my Most Awesome Sister is coming here for a visit :) I just sorta realized that, DAMN THAT'S THIS SATURDAY!! late last night. Remember when I mentioned I was special? Well, there you go!

Friday night I will be heading the grocery store to stock on some things and then try to just relax and not fret over anything that hasn't been done yet. And rest my tootsie. I have a feeling it will need it at that point!

Oh and I haven't smoked, at all, since my last one early Monday morning. Haven't wanted to. Didn't have the urge to buy a pack this morning (at the local place I get my coffee, which is where I used to get my cigarettes). So...I have noticed my irritation levels rising with certain people I work with. I am not sure if it's the not smoking, the possible PMS that is due to start soon or a combination thereof. My monthly visitor is due late next week, so that would mean in the next few days my PMS will rise it's ugly head to snap at things. I think my punching bag will be getting more time. Plus, I want to burn some calories off (ahem, remember that carb over load and slight food coma? Yeah....that shit needs to burned off I think). Plus, smacking one of the managers probably isn't the best idea. Well...it could be, depending. But anyway, yeah I think that cleaning will help (it usually does when I get annoyed) and gods know I don't *like* being cranky or annoyed.

I miss sex. Really good yummy OMG sex. Oh and kissing, because I LOVE kissing. Missing that a lot right now too.


I need to go distract myself with work it seems!!


Not So Tired Tuesday

Last night, I had a slight food coma and went to be early. Early as in right before 9 pm. I was out. I did wake up up for a little while, thanks to Tiamet meowing for no apparent reason (ugh, hate it when she does this) but it was a good thing in this case :)

My ankle felt quite a bit better this morning. I think it's because I really wasn't on it at all last night. I did run a couple errands right after work, PetsMart and picked up chinese for dinner. Maybe it was all the carbs I had yesterday, no sure what was really up with that...I just was craving carbs like a zombie wants brains. I am doing much better on that front today, though I will admit there was too much sugar in my coffee this morning. That's what I get for not paying attention!!

I also ordered a slew of hats:

The reason for this, besides the butch lesbian hair cut, but also because all my baseball type of hats are all previous job related and not that cute. Also, my other beanie style ones, well, they are for hard core winter warmth. So, these at least are cute, I can wear when it's not freezing outside and cover up my butch lesbian hair cut. And also: Who doesn't want some cute hats? I know these are exactly all summery and whatnot, but since I tend to wear dark colors for the most part, they will fit in well. I think next year I will attempt to get more lighter hats. Also, by then I will have determined if my hair will be short another year or if I will grow it out.

Work is busy today, so this is a short post. I've gots lots to do ;)


Incredible Weekend And Wow-ness and Yikes

Ok, so Saturday at the Renaissance Festival = Incredible.

We got to see soooo much. I really wish we had a 2nd day to go!! So much to look at it and take in! It was overwhelming!! Plus, I got to hear one of my favorite groups live = WOW. It was only a 30 minute show, but it was awesomeness to the Nth degree. I got their new CD as well (and no I didn't get it signed, I didn't want stand in line again and it's not that important to me, the music is). The kids had tons of fun. I think we should have left an hour earlier, they were all exhausted and a little bit cranky by the time we got to the car. It was still amazingly awesome though! I was at first thinking of looking for a new dress/skirts and bodice, but honestly, I just had way too much fun looking at everything!! Next time :) I ate a ton of food, my favorite being this apple/ice cream dessert that was way yummy. The Italian sausage was good too though. The Brat got a turkey leg - now this thing had some kind of bladder full of grease, because it looked like it was pissing the whole time he ate it. Very very funny. He was only a little bit of a brat while there. Much better than he was a few years back. He got a tail, which he loves. Lots of stones, a necklace and I don't remember what else.

I got an awesome little statue and another pot of this yummy smelling body oil/solid. Yay!!

If definitely made me want to schedule any trips I take to Florida or Southern California in the future, to coordinate the times with the local Renaissance Fairs. Or maybe see what other fairs are local, or at least within driving distance. That might be a neat thing to do for road trips in the future. Will see!

I got my hair cut yesterday. Ummm, suffice it to say I will be wearing a hat until it grows out some. I look like a butch lesbian, which isn't a bad thing I guess, if I was one. But I'm not. So....yes, hats will be my style for the next little while. I might go ahead and Henna dye it in the mean time. Not sure if that will help or make it worse though. Gods, it's almost funny if you think about it.

Went to my cousins, promptly tripped and re-injured my ankle/foot. See, it takes talent to do that. I think my ankle got weakened from all the walking on Saturday. We won't blame it on my overall clutz like abilities. We hung and talked for a little while, then I limped my way to my car and headed home.

Home, well, got there and had just a shit load of things to do and my brain sorta shut down on me. Suffice it to say I did get one load of laundry done and that was about it. I did keep off my ankle, so that's good at least. Hopefully tonight I can get my office done (that is going to be my focus at least) and just pray that I get it organized so that I don't want to scream at it.

Tonight, I have to go to PetsMart, so maybe I will swing by and get some stuff at home depot as well. More insect killer, that's for sure. More of those evil spiders appeared. These lovely fuckers are now dead - and I really really REALLY don't want anymore of them. I had found another one in the house, hiding on a door handle that goes out the side to where I have the trash. Yikes! I freaked! Killed that one with roach spray. And hey, I didn't even scream!! And I won't mention that one the hung down at eye level as we were trying to leave the house on Friday. OMG, that one freaked me out more...right at eye level. Not what I wanted to see!! Here is one picture of the spider, I have another but it's not wanting to load up for some reason. Will try again later.