Digging up the back yard...er...and the front

What have I been doing lately? Digging! And some planting too :)
I've only done a 2' by 4.5' in the above picture of my front lawn. Suffice it to say, I have quite a bit more to go.

Here are some potatoes I planted actually started to grow!! Score! Now, I must admit, they have actually gotten a lot taller since I took this picture :) About 8" more in growth - I just covered them up with some more dirt hoping to get more out of it :)

Before, the corner had a very prickly tree going there, a ton of overgrowth of weeds and flowers and gods only know what (I will not mention the amount of spiders I have seen so far...)
Me and the boys basically cleared out the front and side and my very awesome man got the tree and other stuff (ahem, spiders). We've also trimmed the tree that's left so that it's not all over the place.

We moved the garden spot to the side fence - where there used to be another tree, well that one was a butterfly bush that died from me whacking at it over the winter and then that winter freeze we had. Still attempting to dig out it's neighbor though!!

Some things I attempted to grow from seeds. The basil is now in a larger pot inside, it turns out those tan pots did not have a drain, so...ummm...yeah not good with all the rain we've had lately. Whatever is growing in that center one (shhh I don't remember!) I've since transplanted to a spot in my yard.

Sunflowers that I planted from seeds. Sadly, they are being eaten! I bought some stuff to wash them/protect them. I need to get off my ass and do that soon!!

I should take some more pics to show how things have grown since these...

Oh and to flash back to how the yard looked before??

 - All those trees/bushes on the side? Gone! Now it's where the sunflowers are at.
 All the flowers and bushes and whatnot against the house? Gone!

Left, bushy/tree thing? Gone! Those flowers against the house? Gone, that's where the potatoes are.

Tree in the back? Gone. Tree in front of it? Trimmed. Ahem. You get the idea??

I am basically going to take this whole side (opposite from the trampoline in the picture) and turn it into a veggie garden :)