Books read and reading

I finished last night, Wicked Intentions, by Elizabeth Hoyt. It was a pretty good read, but you really had to get past the 1st half of the book. It was a slow beginning, thats for sure! But, I could have sworn I read her stuff before and liked her, so I kept going. Which I am glad I did!! As a reader, you could get a possible idea of what was going to happen :) And I could almost, ALMOST guess who the villian was at the end...because damn the clues kept coming back to one person. It was good a story, some parts pretty steamy :) I liked it and I would read another by her.

So, since I am done with that, I started in on another book, one I actually bought (yes, the library is my friend!) this weekend...

This is one that is a sequel "The Magicians and Mrs. Quent". So far, I am liking it. Again, it seems a little bit slow so far...but this may be because I got spoiled by all these active packed novels by Cherry Adair (btw, I have about 6 of those waiting at the library to be picked up!). So, the "House on Durrow Street" is by Galen Beckett. Its not your typical type of location/time line, which I like because it is different.. Its sorta a cross between old London or Victorian but not on this Earth, with magic and elemental stuff going on. I recommend both of them. I won't go into the story line much, you can just click on the links and Amazon has enough listed to give the gist :)

Depending on soon I get to the library, the next week might be just Cherry Adair novels :)