A late night thought...

Do you ever have a really bad moment, where you just want to cry and scream at the same time? And then you calm down, much later on. After smoking too much and punching a bag. And then you are able to logically or analytically review that one bad moment. And then you think to yourself - you know what? Fuck it. It is what it is. That you can't stress yourself out over something, even if it's something that's already been agreed upon before. It - just - is.

And then you hear this one song - this magically awesome song - and life is just 1,000 times better.

And you realize life is good. That life is a wondrously joyous thing. That there are millions of awesome moments just waiting to happen.

Yeah, that.

Freaky Friday

I was really good last night about not putting a lot of weight on my foot. Score me :)

Though I did make some Lemon Cupcakes :) I even saved some for the Kid :) The rest were given away :) I just felt like baking. And to be honest, I will be cooking some more this weekend. Not just cupcakes, but also making Cinnamon Raisin Bread (I need to check my levels of raisins at home) for some Bread Pudding on Sunday. Ohhhhh, wait a second. I am making that for a Pagan thingy on Sunday. I should warn them I busted my foot and will need help!!!

I am still resting my foot, putting ice on it and just taking it easy. It's going to be interesting trying to do ANYTHING this weekend, but oh well!

I did have some help putting the Kid's shower head in the downstairs bathroom, but it's done and used it this morning. I really did like having that large shower again. Makes me sorta think about my smaller one upstairs. Hmmmm. I am going to ask around about how much work it takes to make mine a wee bit larger. And if it's too much work, it can wait! If it's not though, then I might just do that. At least for right now, I have the bathroom downstairs that can be used :) Being clean is a good thing!!

Since I made a mess upstairs looking for my insurance card, I should probably take some time to get my filing done and at least clean that part up. And if I am working in the office, then I can at least get that room more organized without putting too much strain on my tootsie.

Also: how is that I just drank coffee and feel like I could fall asleep instead? And I am pretty sure I went to bed earlier last night than I have in a week. Hmmm.

Work, hahahaha, is quiet and I'm not doing as much as I should be. End times people, end times.

Ok, I am going to see if I can hobble around for a little bit and look productive :)


Talent = Sprain

I am seriously and quite conceivably the most talented I've ever been before. So, not only can I NOT walk, I can not walk and cause myself injury. Sure, it was late at night and I had had a drink HOURS before and sure I was tired. But seriously? Walking in my back yard last night, I somehow trip over my own feet, fall like some kind of giant engulfed tree and sprain my foot/ankle.

So, I ice my poor foot last night, realize I was so tired I was ready to fall asleep mid thought, and somehow pulled myself and the basket of laundry upstairs.

I woke up at 4:30 am, because of the trash truck, realized I FORGOT to put the damn trash out! Ugh. Also realized my foot was still swollen and in pain. Took 3 Advil at 5:30 am. Slept for an hour. The kid woke up all kinds of cranky. Complaining about his clothes and lack of fit and overall not a good morning for him or myself.

Also: It turns out the Kid needs more clothes...wait, remember when I had ASKED HIM REPEATEDLY to try on his fucking clothes to see what fit/didn't fit, and he refused AND then he refused to buy MORE clothes when Maryland was having that tax free week?? Well guess what Mr. Smarty Pants!!?? Now, we need to go clothes shopping and me who can barely walk. So, I've asked his Dad to see if he wouldn't mind taking him (and yes, I'm providing the money)

I email my boss, explaining I will be in late and why. I slowly get dressed and get what I need (ahem, I went searching for my insurance card, didn't find it, but made a mess) and carefully made my way downstairs, got my purse and keys and went to the car. OW owow ow owow. Went to Urgent Care at 8 am.

Neat thing: I downloaded my insurance company's app, registered and LOOKY HERE!! It created a card for me to email to the Urgent Care place, how awesome is that!?!

Yes, they asked questions, took X-rays. Nothing shows up on the X-rays which I think is a good thing. Of course, they go and say my nasty ass sprain is probably just as bad if not worse. Jeez, thanks! So, hopefully if I am REALLY GOOD about it, a couple days will take down the pain and swelling. Right now, I've got an Air splint on it and have to use crutches. Seriously, all because I can't seem to walk. But this means no Wine Festival this weekend. I just want to make sure I am healed up before the 28th, Renaissance Faire. That's what I am caring about right now! Work, well they can be nice and work things out so it's easier for me. Because, ummm, what else can be done??

And in other news - I has a crack in my upstairs shower stall. I noticed this morning ANOTHER crack in it. I spoke to a guy at work, who does facilities and he says it sounds like there is no support under it. Which means I will need to replace said shower. Lovely. Again, wonderful timing. But, you know what? It is what it is. At least now I can replace it and know it will be a good long while before I need to do that again :)


Wednesday's Wooing Woe

Oh my, I am exhausted. Work is B-U-S-Y! I'm ready to fall asleep as I attempt to actually write a post.

Also: New Favorite Word = WOW

My sinuses are being abused - there is a lot of dust related activities going on at work. Because, you know, breaking down card board is never dust free. Or moving equipment.

Hmmm, I had thoughts when I first started this post I wanted to share. But now they seem to be hiding from me. Don't you hate that!??!!

In other news, my ring sizes are getting smaller. Which is awesome and annoying. Awesome because I'm losing inches/weight but annoying because some of my cool ass rings might be too big to wear if this keeps up. My size 14 jeans are getting looser too. Not quite needing to go the next size down, but I will need to start using my belt :)

Oh, my big sister is coming to visit! I am soooooo excited about that! AND she's going to be here during my birthday = WAY AWESOME!!

Annoying fact I found out - I have poison oak growing in yard. JOYS! So, I attempted to spray some weed killer stuff but I might need to upgrade to the commercial grade version. Me and the kid have sensitive skin, no need to have that stuff around! I've been thinking of really ripping all the stuff out of the front and back yard, let everything fallow over winter and starting fresh in the spring. Except for a couple of the nice butterfly bushes that is. Because, yeah, I don't like the weeds and now poison oak stuff and I also don't like things too close to the AC unit or the house.

Another annoying fact - I have a crack in my shower upstairs. I am going to put in a newer shower head in the downstairs bathroom and use that until I pick up some epoxy to fix that one.

Also: WOW

Oh, maybe I should give Diego a bath tonight, I've been forgetting or putting it off and I REALLY should get that done. But I need to sweep first thing when I get home. I hate how my stairs collect dust and cat hair so easily! Oh and I need to do some laundry as well. It seems like tonight is going to be busy!! And I just want to sleep. Maybe I should make some coffee first when I get home.

Ok, whatever thoughts I had have seriously hidden themselves from me. So I am going to go search for them in some quiet corner and pretend to be productive while at it. Shhhh...


This Past Weekend = Awesome

So Friday. I went home early, rested, took one small elusive nap and felt better. Not like LOADS of better, but better. I was able to clean downstairs and do some laundry.

I was in great anticipation for Saturday. Because, Saturday, was Medieval Times! WOOT! We went with a friend and his 2 kids. Said kids are 2 years on either side of my son, and his son who is 10, loves and breathes the same the game as mine. Suffice it to say, they hit it off :) Honestly, I thought they would, but it's always always always a good thing when your kid makes a new friend :)

So, Medieval Times is located in a mall, a somewhat large mall that we got to walk around :) It was fun, the kids got some cool stuff and the memories are incredible. Not much else you can ask for a day out like that :)

I got a couple pics of the Kid, not a whole lot because the boy would not stand still!! And of course, it was too dark inside once the show started. And what a show! OMG, who knew! It was a lot of fun :) Can you sense the theme here?

I drove both ways, which was cool :) I liked driving and listening to the kids talk or my friend tell stories. And singing along with the music. Because, you know, I got that multitasking thing going on. LOL, ok but I did pay attention to driving :)

Now, with me missing a lot of work last week, today has been a bitch! I've been basically going non stop since my morning meeting til now. I am exhausted!! And of course I have a slew of things to do when I get home. My mind is almost boggling at that. I need more time in my days again! Yikes!

Good things: No more period, she's hiding for a few weeks :) That damned UTI seems to be gone as well. That bitch can stay gone! And my cold? Is on it's last legs as well :) I still have some sinus issues, but nothing like it was! Yay!!! Love feeling better :) Also: not smoking as much. Surprising in my mind, but a really good thing over all :^D

This week looks to be kinda busy. I almost miss those days that I didn't have stuff to do. Almost. Of course, there a ton of things I'd rather NOT being doing. AKA fixing house/furniture stuff. But, it is what it is!!  I have plans to make, since my awesomeness of a sister will be coming for a visit!! Yay!! SO EXCITED about that! Oh my, I am almost beside myself with that one!!

My birthday is in less than a month, and I am planning on hiding in my bed that day. Or the couch. I am not a big fan of my birthday, and I am not sure if that's a normal thing, sad thing or just-as-you-get-older thing. I don't know. I'm not exactly dreading it per se, just not excited about it. Ohhh, maybe I will buy myself some more rings though! I've already pre-ordered books, but that wasn't as a bday present to myself. Hmmmm. Since I've lost weight, my ring sizes have gone down, which is awesome too.

Sunday, hmmm...I was tired, did some cleaning, minor grocery shopping. I was sorta cranky, I think from those last dregs of being sick. But Sunday night was good.

My brain is starting to shut down though. I need a nap, or at least a moment to NOT think for a brief moment !!!

I do have a couple projects to start, not already including those around the house (ahem, painting!) but I want to make some scarves, or a blanket, I want to make some jewelry.

Also: It's actually bit a tiny bit chilly lately - LOVE IT. Oh and it was raining this morning and I sooooo did not want to get out of bed! I was all curled up and snuggled in.