Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and I still have a lot to do.

However, GOOD NEWS is that I really can wear size 12 jeans comfortably. That is such a HUGE win for me :) I bought 2 pairs of jeans last night :) I looked for some winter boots but had no luck at Kohl's. But seriously, size 12? And comfortable? And inching my way down to another size? During the holiday season? Seriously?? WOW.

The kid is having issues in his math class. It sucks. It's a little bit of everything and somethings more than others.

Work is awesome, and once I am actually over being sick, I will be happier doing it I think!!

I have to gather and wrap 1 more present and then I think I'm basically done. Ok, make that 2. The Kid will be pretty sorta spoiled. The reason I say SORTA is because he's not getting a ton of video game stuff. He's getting things that a tad bit more hands on. Of course, he's getting SOME video game stuff, just not like a new system and all that jazz that you hear a lot of others getting. I think for his BDAY though, it will be a something on 2 wheels. He is changing so much though, it's hard to say!!

What else...what else...hmmm...I'm excited about losing more weight...that thought has been on my mind since I hit 210 lbs. Just another 25 to go!! Woot!! I had been at 211 or 212 or soooo long (ok, like a month or 2) and I just felt like I hit a plateau. So, yay for finally busting it! Of course, I tend to drop 1-2 and gain it back and then drop it and stay stable and it just moves on from there.

I need a nap. I think I might go to bed early tonight. Or watch a movie. Ohhh, maybe I will rent one!! The Kid is at his Dad's tonight, so I have the place to myself. Mostly. The cats count, but it's not the same! Hmmm...thoughts are dancing in my head. I need to get some butter for the popcorn.

I was planning on getting my oil changed, but I might just do that tomorrow. I want to sweep the place up tonight I think.

I have an appointment to get waxed on Saturday, while the Kid is at his Dad's. It's been a while for certain places and I don't want a repeat UTI after being sick. So. That is getting taken care of.

Hmmm, I can't think of anything else at the moment. At least nothing so pressing that I need to figure out what it is.

Life is good.



Tired Tuesday

I took the kid last night to get some boots for Winter. He cracks me up. First place we went to really didn't have a big selection and the one he might have considered they didn't have his size. But he did see a pair of Nike's that he REALLY wants. I may get those for him for Xmas - talk about a surprise that would be :)

Went to JC Penny and found him a pair of boots he was happy with. Granted they were slightly expensive, $70, but that's not THAT bad to be honest. And he's grown SO MUCH since last year. And that's pretty close to what his normal shoes cost, so I'm not arguing :)

Now, of course, I need to get me a pair as well :) Thankfully my feet won't be growing like his will!! Mine will usually last me 2-3 years.

Hmmm, what else. Oh oh I know!! I weighed myself this morning and I am 210.8 - so I lost 2 lbs since yesterday (don't ask, I have no freaking idea) and I was like - YES I AM WEARING MY SIZE 12's today!!! Bwahahahaha. And IF this stays off and goes down even a lbs or 2 more, then I am buying myself some size 12 jeans instead of 14's. I was going to get some more jeans anyways, now though, I'm all like SCORE. Because, they fit and are not too tight and just WOW. Love this!

I woke up at 4 am, after having some - ahem - interesting dreams, all in the mood. You know, The Mood. WTH ? I mean, it's all good and everything, but I had a hard time falling back asleep after that. Of course, I did - right before my alarm went off.  This turned into sleeping past said alarm and being *slightly* late to work, which thankfully is not an issue. Also, there was snow falling this morning :) So pretty!

My Demon Eye is starting to go away. This is what I am calling my bloodshot eye from the mucus tormenting it. Oh the joys! 1 eye is totally red and bloodshot and the other is fine. It's so weird. Just weird. But in a way, cool. I know, I know - I'm *weird* that way!!!

Hmmm, oh I really need to get my holiday cards in the mail. I plan on doing that tomorrow. I need to make sure I have everyone's address though!

I am sure I have other thoughts. They are evading me at the moment. I am still awash in the glow of size 12 jeans that fit well :)

Oh I know!! I also remembered at 4 something this morning, that I had more presents for the Kid. I even double checked my Amazon and yep, I didn't wrap those. Now, if I can just remember where the fuck I put them, that would be AWESOME. So, I will be searching the house tonight for them!! LOL.

And onto another busy day at work :D


Monday Madness!

I am feeling a lot better. I woke up today and just felt like "normal" with some added things of mucus escaping my body and not breathing easily, but other than that - I feel good!!

So yesterday, I woke up and my left eye is all scary red and bloodshot and had pus coming out. The right side of my face hurt so bad I wanted to cry, silently (because crying would have made it worse). I immediately did my Neti Pot to rinse out my sinuses, threw on some clothes and made sure I could move my car from the snow the previous day. Then I took my poor mucus stuffed head to Urgent Care and was told that I have Acute Sinusitis and Acute Bronchitis. They tested me for strep, but I could tell it wasn't that and looky I was right. So, I got me some antibiotics and then picked up a kick ass decongestant and am finally starting to feel like me again. I rested a lot yesterday, though I did get some laundry done and cleaned the floors downstairs. I did this a little bit at a time and just rested on the couch for the remainder.

We watched a lot of TV too. I tried to convince the Kid to go outside and play in the snow but he just looked at me all horrified that I would even suggest such a cold thing. Of course, last night we did head out briefly to look at some very beautiful Christmas lights in a town 10 minutes away and then he was all about playing in the snow. I'm like "See! I told you, you would have fun!" and he was all "I didn't know it was like this outside!" and I'm like "Duh! Which is why I said to go outside!!" and then we just laughed at each other because it was all kinds of silliness :)

Granted, I can still barely talk, though some might think that's a good thing! LOL. And my nose is all raw from blowing it. But my throat is not as sore! And I feel like I can think a bit more clearly now too :) Yay ! I think that by the end of this week I should almost 100% again, which is good since Yule is on Saturday :)

I also got all the Kids presents wrapped and under the tree. I have a few more for others to get done though, hopefully this week :)

This is going to be a busy week! Because, yeah - We have plans to see more Christmas lights, got to buy some winter boots for me and the Kid, get the oil changed in my car, Yule, and I have a company thing on Saturday night too. Then next week is Christmas. Since the Kid is now more firmly - there is NO Santa - well, then he only gets to open his stocking on Christmas. I will still make some kind of awesome breakfast though :) And I am planning on taking him to the movies :) I thinking it's going to be a new tradition - Stocking, Breakfast, Movies. Of course, this will change every other year since he will be with his Dad on those years. Those years, I think I might still stick with that Breakfast and Movies parts :)

I am looking forward to getting better, having fun this month and seeing what the New Year brings in :D Life is good :) Especially when you're happy :) And it's much MORE to be happy than not! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this - that it's all good and life moves on and why not be happy :)