Monster Tomato and Blooming Sunflowers

This tomato (organic) plant has turned into a monster. I need another trellis thingy (yes, I know, very technical here) to deal with it. I already lost 1 whole vine/branch that broke off because it was so freaky heavy!!! Haven't gotten an edible tomato off of it yet. Here's hoping I get at least 1. 

Silly Sunflower is facing my fence. I mean, seriously...But she at least has a couple friends :)

 Do you see how tall these suckers are?? I mean, DAMN. I wish their heads were bigger, but they are still awesome :)
                                                                                    Almost there!! Just a couple more petals!

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Top view of a difference Sunflower. I was on my stops and my still couldn't see it, so on my toes and blindly taking pictures :)


It's getting better :)

So much better! OMFG, it's just skin now, nothing oozing or anything. There is some dry skin so I am trying to make sure I keep moisturizing it :) 


Fun Times!

On Saturday, the boyfriend and I headed to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire - about a 2 hour drive. We didn't have the kids, so it was just us - which was awesome and weird at the same time! I kept seeing things I knew the kids would like (ok, well so did he) but it was so refreshing to just walk and enjoy our time.

I think we plan on taking the kids next year :) It's just so nice to get out and walk and eat amazing food and see really incredible costumes and people in character. We did watch the Joust, it was very entertaining! Oh and we sat and listened to a group of 2 bagpipe players and 2 drummers. Yes, I bought their CD. Yes, if anyone wants to listen/borrow it, you can :) They are called the Tartanics and they were pretty damn good!!

We will be heading to the Maryland Renaissance Festival soon too, with the kids. They had a good time at it last year and I am sure they will love it again this year.

Saturday night we watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was pretty damn good :) But jeez, those movies are long!! We had to take an intermission :) Oh and I totally skipped watching any scene that had a spider in it. Thank you very much, I much prefer no nightmares!!

Sunday, it was drying the sunflowers and then off to my house. Which really wasn't exciting. I cleaned. Swept, mopped, laundry, bathroom downstairs. Ugh. I need a nap just thinking about that! Started cleaning up my dining room table. Want to get filing done this week and also start working on my office.

I need to write myself a to do list for this week, it seems those keep me on track!!

Starting the Drying Process - Sunflowers

 So the sunflowers at the bf's house have these HUGE heads - not like mine at all so far - which is freaking awesome. They are definitely ready to be dried and the seeds collected :)

We cut them off their stalks, about 1' from the head, brushed off a lot of the dried little flowers and hung them from the rafters. They should dry pretty quickly, and we can then basically brush all the seeds off of them.

I want to save some to plant next year, the rest can be a healthy snack! So excited!!

Healing Poison Oak

Aloe, is seriously fucking awesome! I used Aloe for a few days/nights and it really cleared this up :)

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