Minor updates!!

Just, ummm. Yeah! Hi, my name is Alison and I've been absent a bit!!

So, in a nutshell - I am super freaking busy :) Work is busy (always good), home life is busy (yay) and school life is busy :) Taking 2 classes, Accounting Principals and Music Appreciation. Just finished Macro Economics and Business Ethics (A's in both of them). If I stay on schedule, so far so good, I will be done with my. A.S. Spring 2016 :)

This is my cat, Daisy, at her vet appointment last week. She wasn't too interested in spending quality time there.


I have a small garden growing in my backyard this year :) Thanks to my awesome boyfriend who was able to dig out an area for me to grow things in :) 2 tomato plants, string beans, sweet potatoes (they were touch and go but I think they've adjusted to the soil, here's hoping), purple dragon carrots, onions and an itty bitty bell pepper. Oh and some lemongrass (for tea!) and flavoring.

I put in 3 rose bushes in the back, all are doing awesome :) we've planted some other flowers as well and also put some out front. My front yard is not as full as the back yet! Little by little though, right!!

I had to get a new lawn mower, and opted for an electric one (instead of manual) since my kid was always whining and people looked at me funny (not that I care about that) AND honestly, I just wanted my yard done faster. It's been awesome :)

The Kid starts high school in the fall. I really *really* hope he does better/likes it better than middle school. Because, yeah, happy that shit is over!

We have a vacation coming up, so excited! Universal Studies in Orlando! SCORE!!

Next year, I REALLY want to see my family in CA. 

This year, I REALLY want to pay off the vast majority of my credit cards, LMAO.

There is a TON more to write, but work is kicking my butt, school is keeping me busy, house/home/love keep me busy :) I will attempt to write more often again though!