Not quite Pearls of Wisdom

So, as I was making myself dinner (ahem, egg sandwich - breakfast for dinner) I had some funny thoughts...about well I guess with Life Changes that have been going on and whatnot.

Edit: Ok, they were WAY funnier in my head...

  • If you can't quite figure out how to cook for less people than you're used to, cook breakfast for dinner. Still healthy, filling and easy. Especially Egg Sandwiches
  • Also: If you don't use a lot of bread, put it in the frig, it will stay fresher longer.
  • You don't always have to do the dishes that day, it can wait. But no more than 2 days and only if it's a little bit. Especially when you've had a long and/or shitty day.
  • If you get angry, or upset, clean or go take a shower. Either one will make you feel better...a clean house/clean me always makes me feel better. And more clear headed too.
  • Reward yourself for staying sane. You're allowed.
  • Kittens are amazing.
  • Pictures can be fun to take and sometimes makes you get a different perspective on things.
  • Vinegar is GREAT for cleaning, anything and everything. 
  • Boiled eggs are a great snack.
  • Vacuum. A lot. Even if it is to piss off your shitty neighbors.
  • If someone is being an asshole, remember Karma goes both ways! It's nice to remember you don't have to do or say anything and know that at some point, they will get their own (this also applies to you if you're the one being an asshole, which means don't!). And, of course, if you help someone else, then good things will come your way. Remember that can sometimes help take off that pressure we didn't know we had from bad people/moments.
OK, now my brain is rotting and it's time to go read for a little bit!