Just random things

I am so ready for a vacation! I know I just had a mini one not too long ago, but I think I need a longer one LOL. I don't know...maybe I will try to take one for a few days during the week or something. Or just wait for a good snow storm and use vacation to not go in.

And today, it was beautiful out! OMFG, 80 freaking degrees! It's almost Samhain! I mean, wasn't it last year (or the year before??) we had that snow on Halloween?? I hope it's not some predictor of a mean winter.

I got my hair cut on Saturday. It's not a typical cut I suppose. I kept my bangs long but the back is layered short. I might like it. I think. I really need to dye it, but I forgot to get some gloves and there is no way I am going to dye my hair without gloves. So, I painted my nails instead :) 

I think I need to bake some cookies this week. I plan on attempting to make biscuits this weekend :) And gravy. Because, you know, southern biscuits go extremely well with gravy :)

I am ahead on my homework right now. I think I have a unit test coming up which I need to study for. I should probably get a parking sticker for campus. I need to sign up for 2 classes in December. I should probably put that on my calendar so I don't forget. 

Lots of probably's and shoulds and thinks going on it seems.

Work is good. Yay for that!!

Tiamet, she's 13. Took her to the vet a few weeks ago. Her thyroid is now under control, I have to give her meds every day. But of course, the thyroid meds are now causing her to have mild kidney disease. Which would typically require special food or meds for that. Can't afford more cat meds and special food? Well, I have to other cats that eat too damn much and that food is 1: Not for them and 2: Expensive :(  What concerns me with this is that I had to put down her brother in January because his kidneys failed :( So. Keeping an eye on her.

Still on the cat topic, I am feeding 1.5 strays. 1 is a for sure stray, the other I think is the neighbors cat that lives mostly outside. I call him Killer (neighbors cat), because he killed and ate a rabbit in my backyard. Sweet cat, normal cat tendencies for sure. Killer is an orange and white tabby. The stray is a tuxedo and he's been slowly warming up to me. I am such a softy it seems. Well, at least when it comes to cats!! But a little food and milk is not the end of the world with that!! :)

I am excited winter is here. I am super excited for Friday since it's Samhain and we tend to get a lot of trick or treaters :) I hope I got enough candy. Well, naughty me keeps nibbling at it, oppsie. Stupid kit kats are yummy!! I am going to see about getting my fire pit out and do that for a little bit too. 

Tomorrow we are going to carve up some pumpkins. I need to get another 1 or 2 for that. The Kid has one here, just waiting.

Oh I bought this awesome ice cube tray :) Love it!!

Did I already blog about that? I don't even remember.

Well, it's time to get the laundry out of the dryer and folded, feed Tiamet her pill and head off to dreaming happy dreams :)