It's been a busy week

Suffice it to say, that having a short week is awesome and challenging. You gotta cram more stuff to get done before the weekend because we all know no one is doing house work on a day off!!

Shower Stall - So I finally got 2 companies to come in and give me a quote.

Sears - Awesome, awesome rep. Seriously, made a new friend with her! Sadly, Sears wants something like my leg for them to replace my shower ($4,600).

Bath fitters - Rep was a nice guy. They were more expensive than Sears though! ($5,110) and he sure did want to see what Sears was offering for less. Which is a no-no in my world. I thing I didn't like about this guy was that he kept saying no matter what I get from Lowe's or Home Depot, it will be cheap crap.

Granted, what I have now looks like the $500 cheap crap that both carry. However, both also carry Acrylic (which both Sears and Bath fitters toted as being awesome) shower stall kits for about $1050.00.

The hard part with that is that we will have to do the labor (unless I can find a contractor which so far has netted me ZERO results) to install it. I don't mind taking out the old shower (YAY, more things for me to destroy!!) and helping install the new one, I just know I need someone with more know-how than me. Thankfully, I have an awesome and very handy boyfriend who's willing to at least think about it. Because, seriously, bathrooms are a bitch!! I might get a coworker to help as well. Either way, for now we're using 1 shower and it's not a problem. I don't mind taking my time to get it done right.

I went to a new dentist on Wednesday. LOVE the hygienist. I mean, I have never had such an easy cleaning in my life. Plus, no cavities or any issues. I also love my insurance. They are awesome because they cover 75%, and what this means is that I can afford to get my crowns done on my front teeth, Any idea of what it's like to have a dead and graying tooth in the front? I hate smiling with my mouth closed for pictures and I hate being so self conscious about it. I will be getting 3 front crowns done for the price it would have cost me 1 in the past. Score, all around. I loved the office, the dentist, who I met only briefly, was very nice.

It's also just nice to get things finally done and over with.

I weeded my front lawn that will be an herb garden (next year) last week. I will be doing that again. Possibly tonight if I can get the front lawn mowed first. Once it's weeded this time I'm going to put down this cover that is supposed to keep the weeds from growing. With lots of little rocks on top of that to keep it from lifting up and disappearing.

Tonight I am also going to dye my hair because it seriously needs it.

2 of my sunflowers fell over and their stalks broke. So I cut off their heads and I am *hoping* that I can salvage the seeds. It's not like I don't have more sunflowers, but I really would like a nice crop from these, I want to use this year for cooking and baking :)

It does not feel the Autumn. Whatsoever.

It does not feel like Summer either though, so blah.

I want a nap. I won't get one lol, but I damn sure do want one! I think I am going to make Lemon Bars tomorrow. Oh and that reminds me!! I bought this blender (a Ninja I think, on sale) and I want to see about actually using it. So I've been looking up recipes and whatnot. I need to find a way to get more veggies in my diet and if I can swing blending something quick in the morning, that could work out nicely. I am going to pick up some stuff tonight and try it out tomorrow. And I might hopefully get another wall decor thingy up too. Maybe. Hmmmm. Will see!!

I am really looking forward to going to the beach, Our Myrtle Beach trip is coming up soon and it will be nice to just relax, with no worries of cleaning house, cats or anything :) I was hoping to lose weight before the trip, but I am stuck at 209 right now. I'm going to switch back to low carb and try to smoothie thing and see if that gets this next 10 lbs off :)

And at some point I will attempt to read another book, finish that one book review I promised and figure out college (I reapplied, will be seeing the counselor next week and hopefully get things going!!) Add to that a short week, again, and general life fun-ness going on :) and I hope to maybe finish my filing O.o


Pretty flowers...or invasive smothering domineering weeds??

Pretty Morning Glories...that REALLY can take over.

I have found them snaking up my sunflowers and basically starting all along my side fence in the back yard. The below pictures are from just outside my fence, where I park. They have been sneaky and got through the small slits in my fence and underneath it...and the fact I am finding them up close and personal to the back of my house is kinda freaky.

Very pretty in the morning. I do not want, however, to have them cover everything else. So. I will be ripping the ones out in my backyard a little bit each day.


Little Bits of updates

It was such an incredible weekend. Saturday was the Maryland Renaissance Festival - Sunday was easy (I did clean up around the house and get laundry done) and even more so, we got my 3rd bedroom re-situated back into an office - which to be very honest, this is a good thing. The awesome boyfriend dismantled the bed and got it stored up in the attic, the desk un and re-assembled (I vacuumed the cleaned out the room during that) and everything is working :) Got some pictures hung and it feels like it should.

I have got to say, it's hard changing it from a bedroom back to an office.


It's good. I am going back to college, and I never really warmed up to the computer downstairs (as in, I never used it). Now though, I've already been using it again, which is good.

It's just hard.

Anyways, I am happier with the room now. It was getting depressing leaving the door closed and it not being used and just left empty (ok, with stuff in there, but you get what I mean)

Monday was also an easy day. Got up late, made some breakfast sandwiches and then just ran around and got some stuff done. I did buy a trimmer/edger while at Lowe's. Ahem. Also some cool Halloween cat eyes for the front of the house :) They light up :) Oh and did more laundry and took a short nap. I really miss nap time. I want more nap times damn it!!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which is good. I am slowly getting things more organized, also good. It's just that some days I have the will do to it and others and I just want to take a shower and ignore life.

I am really looking forward to our upcoming vacation to the beach :) It's nice to take these mini breaks :)

I need to write out my to do list again and then cross some more items off of it.

Ironically, I am sorta looking forward to winter just so I won't be pulled between house and garden - I like my house being clean more! LOL. Who knew. Well, snuggling is good for winter time. And hot cider. And hay rides. And holidays and cooking and baking and yeah....I love the change of seasons a lot it seems :)

Happy Kitty

Diego got a bath on Sunday, which therefore means I got more love from him :)


Sunflowers en masse

Some different angles of my sunflowers in my yard - they are all competing for the sun :)

I will be cutting off their heads soon as they wilt to get the sunflower seeds :)

Saturday - Maryland Renaissance Festival

So yesterday we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival - it was so much fun! And it makes a huge difference going early in the day and early in the season :) It wasn't too hot in the morning, we got to see a lot of awesome stuff/people/characters and eat some seriously yummy food and drinks.

My awesome boyfriend
The boys getting ready to wander about

Oh and...there was a spider.

Over all, it was beyond awesome :)