The Weekend Updates

Friday, as part of a something or another for work, we went bowling. That is, my coworkers and me. Now, you have got to understand, it's been something like 15-25 years since I've last bowled.

First game = 78
Second game = 138
Third game = 90 I think, it might have been higher, I was more concerned with walking and not falling by the end of that game

It was a lot of fun. I really had an awesome time :)

However. I was lucky I was walking Saturday morning. My left knee thinks I am trying to kill it. I ended up straining my ass muscle (read: hamstring) and my right elbow seemed to complain the least but it still mumbled at me. The only reason I was walking, I think, is Tiger Balm. That shit is awesome. I smeared it all over my ass, knee and arm. Several times. And sat on the couch with my feet up watching TV. Because when I did walk? It was this pathetic mewling shuffling type of walk I would get laughed at if anyone saw it!

Suffice it to say I did not do yard work or house work or really anything much this weekend. Such is life. I am not stressing over that stuff though :)

Saturday, I was able to finish up my homework and get that posted :)

Sunday I took the Kid to see Big Hero 6 - It Was Awesome!

Afterwards, it was grocery shopping, putting food away and pretending to think about maybe doing something around the house. Oh, I did a load of laundry. Well, it's something I suppose!

Sunday night we finally finished watching Season 3 of the Walking Dead. Love this show. Can NOT wait to start watching season 4. Sometime this week I think. Hopefully.

This is a busy week. I need to get my college parking permit, take a test for chapters 1-6 at school, do 3 class assignments, have a band boosters meeting (which means I need to do the finances for that) and clean around the house. And can you fucking believe it's getting close to Thanksgiving?? YIKES!!

I am working on cooking more home meals, trying new things out :) Love love love cooking :) Especially when it tastes good! I need to ship some stuff out, have been sitting on stones for a couple friends for an eternity it seems like! Ha, I already need to plan out when to make more chicken stock, that stuff was awesome and it's almost gone!

Oh and PMS is just around the corner. Bleh.