Freaky Friday

I'm still sick. Slightly better, so am at work at least. The Kid is feeling completely normal (must be nice) and he's at school. I think I will be taking things s-l-o-w today. My boss even came by and asked me if I needed more time to rest. Holy shit I must look like death warmed over! I told him no, that I should be fine but am taking things slow. And seriously, if I start lagging something bad, will head home early.

I has plans tomorrow. Exciting plans, fun plans. Plans I am really looking forward to. So. I WILL BE BETTER DAMN IT!!! BWahahahahaha

Wednesday I killed me some spiders. Last night, I saw 2 of the bitches again though, but sprayed them. Because, yeah, those fuckers really really REALLY wig me out.

Ok, so I came home early, getting ready to take a nap and then clean up the house later on. I need to take my meds as well. I did have soup though, drank some tea. Which is always good. Soup did wonders for me I think. I always add in garlic and paprika to my chicken noodle soup, it just seems to make it yummier.

Right now I'm watching the kitten freak out  over a fly or something outside. It's rather funny. She is so adorable, love it. She is so beautiful, and her fur is seriously soft.

My period is almost over, thank the gods. My UTI is still here though, but hopefully it will be done in a couple days. I am looking forward to not having all these things at once! LOL, it's been just lovely. At least I know my cold is due from allergies. I am not the only one at work that's sick and we all seem to have allergies.

I have to use or lost my remaining sick time and personal holiday. I will use my personal holiday for my bday next month. As for my remaining sick time, well...I have no idea. I do have a couple dentist appointments coming up, but they won't take up the 40+ hours. I think that's one of the reasons I didn't mind calling out yesterday or leaving early today. May as well...Maybe I will take off time for my period, whether I need or not, for the next couple of months and that will help drain those hours down.

OK, my brain is not quite functioning it seems. Meds, then sleep. Then cleaning. I have this thing it seems about cleaning my floors. Who knew.


Wednesday's Woe

So, not only is my monthly little friend tormenting my poor uterus, my bladder had decided to punish me as well. Nothing quite like that burning sensation when you go pee first thing in the morning!!

Of course, I got my lovely UTI, at least more than likely, from my Brazilian wax starting to grow back in. This is one of the reasons why I went to get waxed again this past weekend...I was hoping to head it of. But, alas, it was not meant to be. See, I know this is why I got it because this happened to me the last time I had one as well. Me and my lovely fucking sensitive skin!! UGH.

Yesterday, I probably drank 100 oz of water and peed more often than office full of pregnant women.

I'm taking Uva Ursi for it. Yes, I know most people go to the Dr. and get antibiotics. I am just not a big fan of pharmaceuticals. And I've had these in the past and taken Uva Ursi and it's always worked for me. Just gotta remember to NOT drink or eat things that are acidic. Like cranberry juice, because that causes the Uva Ursi to not work. Learned that one the hard way!! Research people, always research!!

My allergies are acting up today too - I almost, ALMOST, feel like it's a cold. So bloody annoying. I swear to the gods, my body is just hating me at the moment!!

Work, is well, (shock) busy. Which is good :) Always good that :)

Hmmm....let's see. What else...tomorrow is the Band Boosters meeting. Joys.

I did not go to Lowe's yesterday, so I will attempt to do so today. Because, you know, those bitches still gotta go. In fact! This morning, I get in my car, put my hand on the steering wheel and felt something fuzzy. I should not be feeling something fuzzy. Me being fuzzy is completely different. And what was this fuzzy thing I felt, you ask? Oh, you know, just a little spider. To say I freaked the fuck out puts it mildly. I jumped out of my car and saw said spider dangling by one of it's threads. I gently moved the thread and the spider hit the side of that thingy that has the drive shaft. To which then I took my foot and smashed it. Dead. Yeah, now I have a dead spider partially on my shoe and in my car. Ewwwww.

I needed coffee, UTI or no UTI. I also got water though and started drinking it first. Spiders before coffee should NOT be allowed. Period. As in against the law or something.

Oh! That reminds me, some idiot fuckers in Western Maryland want 5 counties to secede and this quote killed me:
Carroll County resident Scott Strzelczyk, leader of the “Western Maryland Initiative,” says people are fed up with the liberal majority and want an "amicable divorce."
That's right, because those liberals are such hard asses and because they vote and you don't like it, therefore you must have your own state. Ahem. If the majority of people felt the way these idiots did, then elections and alcohol taxes would have ended up different. But nooooo, you're upset because for once, you aren't majority and you're not getting your way and therefore must throw a tantrum! Listen assholes, there is always someone else getting what they want. Always. Times change, people and cultures change and either you are part of that change or you are what's changed. Life is just like that. Reality sucks, I know, but come on - either you realize it or live in some alternate version of things. And you know what? Liberals probably felt this way too, when YOU assholes were more in office. So what did they do? The worked the system and got the majority. It's always a fucking gamble with any form of politics. The whole thing gives me a headache.

Oh the comments under the articles crack me up. Seriously, some people are just fucking stupid. As in scary stupid.

Of course, I doubt this will really happen. It's just annoying. For reals.

Link from CNN:

Local News Article:


Cramping My Style

Cramps, oh how I love thee and despise thee.

Cramps, you difficult bitch, thanks for the morning wake up call.

So, yeah as you can see my period is starting to get more friendly with me because she's a complete and utter whore who seems to think my poor uterus is her horrific playground.

Sorry, I didn't get as much sleep as usual last night and I think my brain is still working on fumes. Coffee has yet to really impact my blood stream and what blood I have is starting to leak out of me. Oh the fucking joys of the menstrual cycle.

But the upside of this? This is something like 6 months in a row of me getting my period - which is practically unheard of with me previously (stupid PCOS crap). I attribute some of it to losing weight, less stupidity/stress in my life and maybe my hormones are just starting to behave slightly normally. And the really possibly cool upside - if I'm getting my period, that POSSIBLY means I could at some point get pregnant. Of course, that would be later on, once I am divorced AND with someone for a while!! But it's nice to know that if I/we wanted a kid, it's a possibility. A better one than in years passed when my stupid period hated me. If I get to that point, of course I will see the Dr before even thinking of trying, just to make sure I still don't have those lovely cysts choking my ovaries. That's even if at that point in time I/we want kids. I might just be happy with how things are. Who knows! I'm shutting this part of my brain off now...

Laundry done last night. The kid wants to play a video game tonight when I get home. I might, depending on if I feel like puking my guts out or not.

Also: I absolutely LOVE having the dining room table done. It just makes this house feel more complete, more home than it already did. Now, if I could just start painting the kids room! Ohhhh, maybe I will just go in and clean his room out and get it done. I should probably order his curtains too...and that moon sticker for his ceiling. Curtains first. Will check with him this week to make sure he still likes them or if you justs longer black curtains.

So, I'm a wee bit tired today. Last night, I hit Sam's Club and Martins on the way home, and I was already tired. But damn, I was in both stores, shopped and on my way home in 35 minutes. That must be some kind of record!! And then it was chores, laundry and good conversation :) I couldn't believe how fast time sped by!!

Work is busy, some of it just pc stuff today. I don't know. I just want a nap!!!

Also: I might go to Lowe's at lunch time and buy bug spray. There are spiders, lots of them, surrounding my house like a fucking last stand. I don't like. Nope, not all at. Those fuckers gotta go!


Monday Madness

So this weekend -

Let's see, the dining room table is finally finished!! So unbelievably happy about this!!! I watched mostly, but I did help a little bit!! It's amazing how some people are just really good at that type of thing. I am coming to realize that I am not one of them!!! LOL -  Mainly because the DVD/CD Media bookcase I put together? Well...it will get the job done but it sure ain't pretty!! LOL - It's almost kinda sad!! But, it's done. Right? Maybe...I'm still laughing about it so that should say something!!

Back to the dining room table, the kid and I actually ate at it last night - and let me tell you - it was so nice and wonderful and just felt good. Like family should be.

Saturday, that was when I did the DVD/CD thingy - while watching Pitch Perfect again. I also re-arranged my living room just a bit, and I like it so far. Not sure if it's going to stay that way, but will see :) I need to find some place for this mirror I have. If not, it might end up in the attic for a while. The walls in my living room, it's just kinda weird in a way because there is SO much of them, that I am having a hard time finding the right artwork that I want. Hmmm. I think I need to go shopping at Pier 1 or something.

Also: Cake

I cleaned a little bit on Saturday, though I should have probably done some laundry, I guess I will tonight after we go grocery shopping.

Oh I also laid out and got my pale ass some sun! That was sooooo nice. I put some music on my iPod nano, sprayed on some oil and took my pale self outside with a towel and pillow. I flipped sides every 5 songs (give or take) so that I wouldn't burn. I had a hat for covering my face. And it was sooo nice. I want to do this more often!!

Sunday, Sunday...I don't remember...oh that's right! I had this really weird/fucked up dream about my ex-stepsister-in-law. I need to text/email that to her. And since my period is just starting (it's being wishy washy on me today for some reason, stupid period) my hormones have been all over the place. Stupid hormones need to get a life. A good life.

Oh, I also got waxed last night. It's only been 3 weeks, however, in the past if I've had a Brazilian done and it's NOT up kept, UTI or yeast infections will ensue. Not something I want. I actually felt the very start of a UTI yesterday, so Uva Ursi regiment has already started. I think I will be able to head it off and flush it out of my system, especially considering how much fucking water I drink. I didn't get the legs waxed, those can wait another few weeks easy (besides it's not like they are that hairy, it just seems certain patches grow in faster - so weird). But I'm glad I got the Hu Ha done.

Also: hot wax down there feels good.
(the ripping of hair out, not so much, just focus on the yummy hot wax)

Work is going to be busy today, I can already tell. Which is good!! I'd rather be busy than bored, any day :)