Freaky Friday - But then reality sets in

I left my make up at home by accident, so today is sans make up. Hmmm. Puffy eyes without the ability to put eye shadow on doesn't exactly make me happy.
Took Tiamet and Puck to the vet last night. The vet was really surprised that 1: The cats stayed on the table and 2: that the cats stayed on the table together.
Pics :
When Tiamet was getting her examination done, the vet was 3. Surprised that a healthy cat would just lay there and basically say, Pet Me Now, as she was checked out. It was all quite amusing. Puck was good on his as well, but nothing compared to Tiamet's antics.
It seems like Puck probably does not have a UTI. He just might be a nut job and/or mad at me/the world.
He started yowling last night at like 11 pm. I wanted to kill him. Instead, about an hour later, I went downstairs a 2nd time, found him, petted him and carried him upstairs. He didn't hang out my bedroom, but he did stop crying like the world was ending. I found him in the Kids bed this morning and made sure to give him some extra attention. I am going to see if this helps, taking him upstairs and extra petting.
The vet did say that thyroid kitties tend to be more vocal. Just fucking great. No wonder Tiamet is a talker now! Both are healthy weights though, in good overall condition.
Too bad I spend $300 for that diagnosis. I am not really upset over the money. Though I won't get the results from their blood work back until today. Tiamet I only got the Thyroid one, not the full panel, because honestly she's pretty good. Puck I got everything done. And as these cats get older, I think I will do the full blood work every couple of years. They're 12 now, and they are pretty damn healthy overall and active, so I probably have them for at least several more years. That is...if the yowling stops...
My biggest issues is their meowing and yowling at night. It's getting on my last nerve. Seriously, LAST FUCKING NERVE. That might be the end of them. Oppsie, did you fall down the stairs? Ok ok I am not really capable of something like that! I'm just saying, damn, shut the fuck up a lot to the cats!!
What else? Hmmm, hot date tonight. Home Depot is calling out to me. Painting tomorrow. Not too much else. Grocery shopping Sunday night maybe. Oh the excitement of my weekend!! I did laundry last night but forgot it in the dryer, so I pulled it out and folded half of it this morning. I have another load to do, some floor mopping that needs doing, and possibly nothing else that I can think of at the moment.
Ok, I am going to go get some stuff done now. Hopefully!


Thursday's child has far to go...

It's Thursday! Soon I will be covered in paint, tape and probably tears! I didn't go to the store yesterday, only because the ONLY thing the Kid needed was chicken for sandwich. Really? Dude, you can have peanut butter and jelly. I mean, seriously...

I did punch my bag (it was like 2.5 songs worth of P!nk) which equals probably about 6-10 minutes. I didn't just try to whale on it, I am trying to get my arms into better shape. Then I swept the stairs and all the rooms (except the bathroom) downstairs, took out the trash and pulled some weeds. Oh and of course cat litter. I was sweating more from my chores than the bag work...hmmm, why does that not sound right?

I need to get to bed earlier. It's typically about 1 am for some reason. Maybe I will drink some lavender or Valerian tea at night and see if that helps.

Tonight, it's get the cats to the vet, laundry and bills. Tomorrow it's a hot date with Home Depot and moving the kids room into some form of chaos in the center of said room so that I can have access to his walls. Saturday, it's painting. And maybe some more yard work of ripping shit out of the ground...

Today, I certainly do have far to go (though, I was born on Friday...this rhyme just popped in my head for some reason)! Lots of things to do. I am also starting to compile a list of things that need to be done to the house...somethings will be easy to take care of...those I want on my short list. That way, I can save and plan out for the larger things. All I know, this shit is exhausting!! I need a handy man!!

Work is work. I am going to pretend it's busy today. I am leaving early to pick the kid up from band practice and hopefully hit the store on the way home. Then the torment will be begin...


Caffeine, where art thou?

I am waiting for the caffeine from my lovely Sheetz Coffee to kick in.

Because, yeah, I'm not quite awake yet!

BUT! I did get my swanky new phone in last night :) Got it set up, downloaded some of my favorite apps, ring tones, etc. It auto imported a ton of contacts from gmail, so I had to clean that up. I've already used to make calls and send texts :) Still getting used to this monstrosity, it feels so much bigger than my last phone. Part of that might be the rugged case I got to go with it. Ahem. My dropsies can have that kind of impact it seems!

I am still set up email on it, as well as getting all the user ID's and passwords associated to it. Fun times!!

Edit: It's been a couple hours...Caffeine has hit and left the system.

I am so happy it's Wednesday! Half the week gone, just a couple more days until the weekend. I am going to get some minor grocery shopping done tonight and hopefully pick up some more paint as well. I am getting the Kid's room done, hell or high water (wait, where DOES that phrase come from again????) this weekend. And if I am successful in getting his done, I will start the prep work for the office. I think I might need another drop cloth, just to be on the safe side. I am going to start putting everything off the walls and to the center of the room on Friday and use my painters tape for all those areas to NOT be painted :) I would start on that tomorrow night, as the Kid is with his Dad...but I am taking the 2 cats to the Vet and am sure that will be more consuming than I would like. Of course, depending on how that goes, I might go home and start moving shit around.

I did 1 load of laundry last night, probably will do another one today. And sweep. Lots and lots of sweeping. I might even pretend to look at my filing and use invisible ink to label folders.

I need more coffee...

Inner Bitch Quote

From Dolly Parton

It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen

Just thought it was funny and awesome :)


My old broken phone

Here are a couple pics of my cracked and whacked phone

Tuesday's Thoughts - Minus the Thought Process

It's Tuesday right? Because, I could have SWORN today felt like Wednesday (HUMP DAY! and yes that camel commercial is now stuck in my wee little head)

You know what else??? I haven't smoked in just over 3 weeks. I know I commented on this to my sister and friends when talking, but I don't think I've really blogged about it much. My son is too funny. I mentioned it to him the other night, to see if he had noticed anything different with me. He said he didn't want to say anything (yes, he did notice and is happy I am not smoking or going outside so much), in case he jinxes it, because - you know - talking about it just might make me want it. I have no idea what this whole thing is...but I don't want them, don't crave them. There have been a few moments where the habit of just going outside for a break (home or work) is there, but not that urge to buy or smoke cigarettes. I don't think I've ever quit this way before. When I've quit in the past, either I was pregnant (and yeah, there is NO WAY I could smoke and do that to my unborn babe) or I used something like the patch. Because I think I tried quitting through sheer will power once or twice and that didn't work. Something stressful would happen and I would be right back at it. I don't even have any cigarettes anymore. I know I had thought about keeping 1 pack, for a "just in case" moment. Yes, well. Fuck that. So far, so good. It is weird in a lot of ways. Just because of that 'normal' habit of doing some things. I attempted to read today at lunch but kept getting distracted it. Hmmm, I am going to have to somehow work on that.

I didn't get a lot done yesterday at home. I was sorta in a bleh mood. I did sort through a slew of papers and at least put them in a pile to eventually file. I spent some time online too, with the Kid - since I got him set up on Gaia and it's sorta his new addiction (that's aside from anytime he spends on Mine Craft). Today though, I have a ton of things to get done. Laundry (shock), sweeping (double shock on that one) and HOPEFULLY getting my new phone set up - YAY. I decided it would probably be a good idea to see if I can get my screen repaired, so I ordered a kit online today. What I will do, if that is successful, is move my kid to my old phone. Which should make him brilliantly happy. Hopefully that won't be an issue...just a sim card move I think for his. I know that I can move my contacts over to my new phone - but you know what? This might be a good time to get rid some of my old contacts and not drag them over into the new things I have going on. Of course, I will write them down (Yes, I do have an old school phone book) and leave it at that. Sometimes it's really nice and a good thing to start fresh :^D

I've been shopping online (oh snap) and trying to figure out just what the fuck I will be taking with me on this cruise coming up. I think I need to plan out every day's outfits and add 2 and just hope things sorta work out that way. Oh I did buy a couple new sports bras - exciting I know. But it's actually kinda cool that I've lost enough weight that my current sports bras just don't do what they're supposed to do :)

Speaking of weight, I have been at 211 for the last month. Yeah, it's fluctuated a little bit (period hormones and all that) but it's been pretty stable. So. This means I need to really get my ass in gear and try to get the next segment of weight off. I think 11 lbs isn't that much! I should be able to do this with all the painting and yard work and whatnot, right? Right?? Damn it, RIGHT ???? Let's hope so, because, yeah I don't do gyms. Hmmm...and after this 11 lbs is gone? Then I am going to start back on my NY Ballet DVD and maybe some Tai Chi :)

Thursday I will be taking Puck and Tiamet to the Vet. Joys. Hopefully we will see if Puck has a UTI or something or if he's just pissing in the bathroom because he's a nut job. And they will both get their blood work done. With them being 12 years old, I don't mind getting that done more often as they get older...though I hate to say it, if either of them end up diabetic, I will probably have to put them down. I barely have the time or energy to handle 4 able bodied cats now, so if one of them ends up with something that is going to really require more of my time, that won't be good. Not to mention, and really perhaps the main point of their existence at that moment, is how happy will they be with having to get shots and everything that goes along with that?? Puck, I know does NOT take pills well at all. Tiamet is good with it, but Puck will basically dry heave or puke it back at you. Him taking medicine is not easy...and I don't want them in pain (arthritis or anything) because *I* know what that is like and I can take advil or something, they can't. And yes, animals do have a higher threshold for pain than us mortals...I just don't want them unhappy and miserable for MY sake.

I don't want to think about this anymore.

(though I will admit I won't miss the loud meowing at 2 am or caterwauling that they do - shhhh I didn't REALLY just say that...I didn't)

And back to work. Because that is a good distraction.

Also: I started using this organic deodorant (mind you, this is NOT an antiperspirant) and it's this oil/alcohol blend and it's different and so far I don't stink. So...that's good, right? As for sweating, well, damn I work with about 30 guys who I don't care if they see me sweat. So. I might keep an extra shirt though at work, in case I ever soak one to the point it's just gross to be in the same room with me. Not that I see that happening this fall/winter. Spring or summer, maybe...

And now I really am going back to work...


A little bit of everything - Drama - Busy - Life

I haven't been posting a lot. Between work last week, my birthday and sister visiting, it was just too hectic!! Which is good :)

I can say that I do miss my sister. It was so awesome having her here! I really wish I could see her (and my niece and dad of course) more often, as in we lived closer to each other. I know that's not going to happen any time soon, because I don't think they will move to this general area and I know I don't want to live in CA.

Also: Coffee. Sheetz has the best caffeine kick (at least for me). I've had 2 3 cups of coffee from work and I am still sleeping as I type. Whereas, Sheetz gets me wide awake. Hmmm....

So I've started downloading my emails back into outlook, it's been forever since I've done that. Then sorting/deleting (which I need to do more of) and figuring out what I need to keep and what I should let go. I have some really freaking OLD emails. I see that I am a pack rat that way. I think it's time for those emails to go on the way side of things.

Drama last night: The Kid realized we had not seen Tiamet all day. This equaled an immediate freak out at 9 pm, a search of the house, a shake of the treat bags to coax any possible cat from a hiding/sleeping spot. No Tiamet. The Kid called his dad, after I attempted to reassure him that I would call the Humane Society and our vet in the morning to let them know she was missing...My very very good/awesome/amazing friend/bf was over and I guess checked my back yard to see where it was possible she could have gotten out at. Well, he found there was only 1 real spot by my side gate and he checked around front and saw her sitting on the porch!! He came in and told us, so I grabbed the bag of treats and went out front. She had gotten scared and darted under the neighbors porch. But my calling and the bag of treats shaking convinced her to come back inside. I fed her a hand full of them, then promptly gave her a bath. Because, yeah, no idea where she had gone. I don't think she has fleas, didn't see any on her. So, after a bath (btw, she was originally freaked out, but calmed down as it went on...and she really likes to be dried off!), she had food, water and lots of love. The Kid called his Dad and let him know and then went to bed. Diego is not at all happy with her smell and is growling/hissing at her and anything/one that walks by him. Good times...

I have also found out who the culprit is that has been pissing on my bath mat/towel/anything on the floor in front of the tub. Puck. He did it right in front of me. I am wondering if his caterwauling at night is because he CAN'T get into the bathroom to do his evil pissing. Now, I know that once a cat finds a spot, that is not always the easiest to get them to stop. So I will be bleaching that spot and then taking both him and Tiamet to the vet, since she had her little escape episode last night. Oh the joys!!

 The Kid has after school band practice this week and next week. Which means I will need to work some extra hours in order to leave early for those days. His first football game is coming up soon too, oh and 2 parades! Yikes! Busy kid this month!!

Also: I would like one of those Elusive Naps please. See, they even now get their own Capital Letters!!

It was awesome seeing my sister :) I know I already wrote that I miss her, but you know, sometimes just SEEING someone face-to-face, makes such a world of difference!!

I have my cruise coming up in just over a month. OMG, I have no real idea of what I'm wearing either. I need to go shopping...

And now working on cup of coffee # 4...

Back to shopping, I need some shorts. And maybe 1-3 tops for traipsing across foreign lands. And possibly some shoes for this as well. As for the more dressy gowns, I have a couple of those. One I need to try on and see if it still fits well though. It's one of those body hugger ones and shows off my back. Oh I wonder if I can get some pics and will post them :)

As I wrote before, I splatted my phone. I was originally expecting my new phone to come in by Thursday but Amazon notified me that it will be Tuesday. Hurray! See, at the AT&T store, the phone I liked was $99.99 plus all the associated fees. On Amazon, it was $19.99 (plus all the associated fees) - so yes, I will save $80 thank you very much. I will run another back up on my phone Tuesday, and download all the pictures off of it. Then start that fun fun fun process of getting my new phone up to warp speed. This sucker has a 13 mp camera! WOOT. It's bigger than my current phone, but really light. I am hoping my new(praying) indestructible case I bought to put on it doesn't add too much weight.

I think one of the reasons I have the dropsies right now (oh did I mention I dropped my coffee this morning? Not all of it, but hello!) is because I haven't been reading as much. Today, at lunch, I will - I WILL - read. Oh snap, that might be kinda hard WITHOUT A BOOK TO READ!! So, ummm, yeah scratch today off that option!! Ok, so tomorrow night. Tonight, I have to organize some shit from my dining room table and office desk at home. Because, yeah, that shit is a little bit (read: WAY) disheveled.

Ok, time to actually eat something (left overs from dinner the other night) and maybe read the news.