Nature in Coral Springs, Florida

I said I was gonna post, so here I am gonna post (and with bad grammar to boot).

I took these on Sunday and I did a really quick crop and color balance so that I can get them posted tonight. Each one will have a quick witted tag line to go with them as well. Make sure Raven gets to see these as well - he will get a laugh.

Why is everyone looking up? I don't see anything

I am trying to change, turn that camera off!
Put your hands in the air like you don't care
Will you please get the heck off my nose!

And you think you are having a bad day?

You looking at me - do I make you laugh?
Should I fly over that or just plow right through it?


3 Weeks to Go before the BIG Move

Well, this is the 3 week mark for me. Hopefully in 3 weeks at this time, I will be together again with Alison and Raven. Not sure if that is a good thing as we will all need to adjust to having a full family again - arguing, fighting wrestling for food - the normal family fun.

I have several layouts through the apartment to give me an idea how to layout the truck. As it is on 17', I will need to max every cubic inch out. Towing the car is an added burden as I have to make sure I keep that in mind when driving.

I was planning on jetting out on Sunday, but may now just do it on Saturday after I get the truck loaded. I will need to go to the U-Haul center and get the car on the towing rig and get it all hitched together. I know my nerves will be shot, so I might as well begin the journey. I hope the cat behave on the way up.

I did go out an shoot some photos this weekend. I needed the break which was much welcomed. I think my shooting is getting better, but who knows. I got some shots of a Golden Orb Spider sucking the life out of a honey bee. I know Ali will freak as she hates spiders. Not that I am all to happy with them either, but it was worth all the shooting. If I have time, I will post a couple for everyone.


Moving Sucks

You can click on the title to go to my other blog for more great details.

I had to figure out if I needed a 17 foot or a 24 foot truck. I went to this local place at a strip mall and wanted to see the truck sizes better. The place looked like it was a a scam, but was on the U-Haul website (they also did titles and registration).

The 24 foot trucks are massive - not really what I want to drive by myself with an attached car being towed. Took a look at the 17 footer and it seemed a little short for 17 feet, but looked like it would work. (it is actually 14 feet with a 3 foot "Mom's Attic" - LIARS).

Here I am - last night - trying to do a mock setup for how I am going to load the truck. Measured out a wal space and stacked boxes. By all estimates, I can do this in a 17 footer. I will have to place the 52" plasma TV in the car however, but I am going to use the sofa cushions as support. I am really hoping that the damn thing does not get cracked on the way up.

So went to be with a head and back ache. Of course, I get a damn late night call from work and was up from 1:30am to 4:00am in an issue - FUCK!


Busy Saturday in Florida

Got an early wake up call from work that up at 6:50am. At least it was something simple, but could not get back to sleep - argh!

I decide to pack a box of stuff that included my small artwork portfolio's, some figures and a couple other items. Since it was a big box, I had to keep it light. Since one of the figures going into the box needed to be photographed, I went out and took some shots of her. Here is one of the photos I took.

Also decided to give the car a bath as the mold was getting out of hand again. Took about $4.00 and a lot of elbow grease, but she looks better now. I just wish I had gotten both headlights replaced when she was in an accident a while ago. One headlight is new, while the other one has mold growing inside it (I think).



I was looking around for a new sound a while ago and discovered this band called Flyleaf. This band reminds me of Evanesence, but a harder / lost soul edge. Lacey packs a hell of a lot of emotion in such that small package with her songs ~ check out "I'm So Sick" for what I mean. Their videos are out of the world as well and very edgy to match their energy.

I was surprised to see a group like this to come out of Texas - figured it would be a Country band. Flyleaf is far from that and ROCKS each song to the core of your soul! They were also a hit Christian band - which was a big surprise to me.

I picked up their self named CD Flyleaf off of iTunes and also got their videos for Again, Sorrow and Fully Alive. Check out some of the videos at their MySpace page to see for yourself.

Birthday Yesterday

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Yada yada yada :P

The family is up North so not much happening around the old homestead. I had some left over Pizza from work with Buffalo Wing dipping sauce and a Sapporo Beer.

I had rented Blood - The Last Vampire, so I threw that on the dvd player. It was funny watching the blood spill out like thick syrup when she sliced off their body parts. Then I watched several episodes of Dragonaut, an anime to get my fill of people that turn into Dragons and Big Boobies.

Did talk with a friend of my wife who is in a secret location for a while just trying to catch up. She wants to get together on Saturday night to go out and celebrate my birthday along with our friend Jackie. Not sure where I want to go, but did mention Scarlett's (strip club), but knew I would be turned into a eunuch if I went. Oh well, not really sure or know what is going to happen on Saturday night. Not really in the mood to go out and what not.

Not even sure how Thanksgiving will roll out for me either. Maybe I will get a Turkey Log and some veggies. My wife will be having fun at a friend's house for the holidays. They were even kind enough to give us a washer and dryer they have laying around.

Have to go as an important person is arriving at work soon and need to look like I am actually doing something - ACK!


Standing Naked to the Universe

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

see what i have to offer
my hands are extended
i have nothing to offer but myself

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

i have no way of identifying myself
no way for you to acknowledge me
my existence is thus null

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

awaiting my punishment
as i have not been the best living
but who is ever a Saint in life

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

who will listen
who will accept me
who will see me without judgement

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

i turn to go back
i am sorry
but no one hears me

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go

is that a tear
no, just something in my eye
i welcome the darkness

standing naked to the universe
no where to hide
no where to go


I QUIT - I can't take the stresses placed on me by my family, my work and just the damn overall environment.

For the first time in months, I had terrible chest pains last night. It took 45 minutes to get them down to a point I could go to sleep. What made it worse is that I woke up about 2 something in the morning with a mild case of chest pains. That only took 10 minutes to fully get over (I think).

I have a better conversation with my Dad today (even though he does say some really crazy stuff - see below), than I did with my wife yesterday.

My wife ends up telling me she is "Grumpy" and it is okay for her to be that way when talking with me - lovely. So no matter how I feel or what I need to talk with her about, I hold back because I don't want the conversation to go badly. I do not know if she maybe grumpy, angry, pissed, moody, sneezey or dopey when I call her now. I mean, I am actually ending the conversations before we have finished what the call was about. It is hard to try to make decisions while both parties are 1100 miles apart and have no communication.

Now my Dad's conversations get a little whacked. As an example, he said the issues my family is having is because we are "Anti-Christian" (we are Pagan - ie: do not believe in any specific god and follow the life cycles of nature). He is worried for our son because he has not been baptized yet -he was going to secret him away and get him baptized one day. Remember your Bible Study days, he who is not baptized will not be allowed through the Gates of Heaven - LOL - whatever! Now my wife would of taken this as a personal attack on her family. I know my Dad is just taking out loud on concerns he has and thus she takes things too much to heart when it is not meant that way.

He is actually showing remorse for everything that happened and wishes he could take back what did transpire (though my wife will just say "Fuck You, you Old Bastard"). Of course, she will also say that I am taking "His" side of the issue when in fact I am taking no sides. I am just trying to be a happy family again.

Maybe it is the fact that me and her are 11 years apart in age. I see things in a different perspective than she does and it leads to a huge misunderstanding at times. If we keep dwelling on "what was" and not "what can be", then there is no hope.

We need to learn the lessons of the Past, but not live in the Past. So for the future, no more living with relatives, no matter how great it sounds.

Now for the torrid rebut from my love assistant, I mean my wife.

Shit - chest is starting to hurt again - dammit!


Selling off some Figures

Well I need cash to get this move paid off. So I am selling off the remainder of the items I want to get rid of. I will ship internationally - so let me know where you are.

Click the Title to be taken immediately to my blog of the sale :P