Some funny email conversations from the other day

Work: "For those of you that might be interested we have added a digital camouflage cap to the selection available to order. Please see the attached for the new selection.

If you have any questions about this or any of the other items just ask."

B: Can you say 'mark-up?'


C: But you're paying for the pride that comes along with it. And dignity too. If you don't have either, a meager sum of $15 is worth it.

Imagine how popular you'll be with that stylish hat. You'll be a walking Axe Body wash commercial or become the new Old Spice guy. Your possibilities are endless with a hat like that. So what do you say now? A mark-up or rip-off? I think not.. you *need* that hat.

A: I almost choked on the whole Axe/Old Spice comments!

I say we can be Patriotic, popular AND save a few bucks in the process. Maybe we should order ours now and start sporting before the IN crowd and watch as they marvel at our abilities to find the same hat, at a better price, before them!


B: You're right, I'll get one for the entire family. I suppose that its domestic. Amazon must be exporting them from China. These should protect my noggin from bullets.

Although I also heard that wearing one of these hats will make you invisible to those satellites and drones spying on you. Is there any truth to this???

A: New business idea!! Go B!

We combine the

With the Army hat and get one for all purposes and daily wear! We will make millions :)

C: No truth to THOSE hats protecting you from the all seeing eye of the government, but if you're looking for a real way to hide -- I recommend an aluminum foil helmet. They're wicket awesome good at scrambling the secret CIA telepathy brain waves that make you do the things you don't want to do. They block out the extra voices in your head (that's the FBI!).

As for getting the hat -- I'm all in. One for everyone before the rest of the sheeple jump on the band-wagon. It looks like it's large enough that I'll be able to line mine with foil. The only thing that stinks is I won't be able to wear it while working :(

B: You're right, I suspect the foil to shield belch, farting and nail clipping noises and artifacts from fellow cube mates. Heck it may also protect your brain from cell phone radiation. Is this FDA approved? We need to put an RFI and get this plan out ASAP!

C: How about lead lined underwear to block out your junk on the airport security devices? That might take hold and make some money..

A: Gods only know, but then what would any future kids look like?

I suppose those that carrying other packages might prefer that...hmmm...it's a possibility!

B: C, you're the one reading the FDA stuff now, what say you??

B: Yes, in order to fully start a fad, it is imperative to wear the hats backwards or crooked!

A: I don't think they will understand a white girl gangsta, but I will try it out!! Does that mean I need to get a bandana as well??

C: A - If you get a blue bandana, we can't be friends anymore. My homies who are part of the Midwest Coast Great Lake Gangsters were arch enemies of the Iowa Corn Field Smashers.. they wore blue, too.

A: Homies, so what colors WOULD you suggest then???

C: I recommend mauve. People will just automatically assume you're totally hard core with that color. All the really bad gangs wear that.

A: I don't think mauve will go with my gothic colors. Hmmm, how about black?

B: Can't we all get along...


A: Priceless!!!

C: I see your fat spider man and raise you one down syndrome ninja superman.

B: Oh man that is messed up...Lol!!!
A: And everyone wonders why I read!!!!
A: 2 pairs!

B: Is that S ??!

A: You had me in tears on that one!