Vacation - Misc pics

This is at Coral Springs Mall - old stomping grounds

Pics at Tate's that I thought were cool

 The Traveler
 Purple Rain
 Cool light in the sky on our way to Airport in Maryland.

Vacation Day 7

Last day on board. Basically lots of pictures of the sun rising in Miami

Vacation Day 6

Basically, we went, snorkeled, went back to the ship, napped, ate and packed. The water was COLD. Also got some cool stuff though from the locals :)

Vacation Day 5

Not the prettiest of pictures! Sorry!

Day 5 was spent on the deck, drinking Long Island Ice Teas and getting a lot of sun. Too much sun. As you can see.

Vacation Day 4

Pictures of Mayan Ruins

 See it??

 Private beach we ate lunch ate.

 Port on the way out. I got quite a few items as we left :)