Magickal Blessings Part 1

So this weekend I will be heading over to my bff's house and help her with some re-arranging and then some magick.

I need to find a good house cleansing and then house blessing for her. Since her place is HUGE, this will be exhausting, but well worth it.

We're out of Mercury Retrograde, which is good at least. I should see where the planets are aligned for this weekend and try to pull in some of those energies. Oh and look at her chart and see what might strengthen her as well.

Since she has a dog, I want to make sure it's pet friendly as well.

I am tempted to get a spray bottle, make and bless a magickal water and use that as part of it. You know, bless the water, throw in some stones and herbs and then cracking.

Sage, Sweet Grass, Stones, Herbs, Incence, Chants and Blessings. I need to get my research pants on!

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