Not Just A Witch

So I changed my blog name from FaeryChaos, to Not Just A Witch...

And you may wonder why.

Being a witch is part of who I am. A large part of how I think (love love love Karma), how I feel (Balance) and where I am going in life.

As I was perusing several other blogs today and seeing who they follow (pagan ones today) and I saw a lot of 'witchy' stuff out there, which is to me, full of the awesome. It got me thinking though about me and mine and my Faery Chaos is part of me (Faeries can be some serious little tricksters and not always nice - they bite! Chaos is needed in life, just as much as Order) but all of I sudden I felt this "I'm not just a witch. I'm not just a mom, or just a working mom, or just a wife, or just a sister. I am ALL of those things and then some" and decided to change my blog. Of course, I could have done something like "Not just a Mom" too, but my witchiness was all there so that's what I put.

I may write more on this later, when I actually HAVE time.


  1. "I am large, I contain the multitudes."
    -Walt Whitman
    We are definitely more than the sum of our parts.