The Epidemic of Squeaky Shoes

I am not sure if I am jinxed somehow or if it's the way I wear shoes or walk or what.

It seems that no matter if it's heels, boots, snow boots, flats, sandals or sneakers - I end up with shoes that squeak when I walk.

I hate that.

O.M.F.G - I am an auditory person already and it just makes me cringe when I hear those squeaks. Not to mention, everyone I work/walk by hears it as well and that's sorta embarrassing.


I get new shoes and at first things are fine. Then a few weeks or months into wearing them, the inevitable sounds happen.

These shoes can just bite me.

I need to go shoe shopping again soon though. I also wore out a pair of boots heels...and have worn through the soft fuzzy stuff inside my snow boots...

I also need to shave my legs, but that's another whole issue.

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