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So, since I've joined GoodReads, I have read quite a bit, started writing reviews (and is it sad that I never realized how important it is for authors to have reviews!?!?) and reading what others wrote, learning the whole writing/publishing process, winning/entering giveaways, reading ARCs, etc. You sorta get the picture right?

I have read an authors 1st attempt at writing something to be published, some have been phenomenal and some, left me wanting to wash my eyes out but I can't un-read something. Damn. On those, I have always tried to give value-added suggestions/critique without being a bitch. Because there is no point in being mean or bitchy when someone is TRYING to get their ideas/story/characters to behave!! And not everyone is lucky to have friends or family or whatever that can assist with editing and proofing shit. And honestly, if I think it's in dire need of some sort of actual plot, I am sure others are and it's painful when you invest so much into something to have someone else arbitrarily smash it to itty bitty dots left scattered across the world. And I'm not the only nice one, not saying I am! Just that I have seen some pretty damn harsh reviews and comments on books. Different opinions and perspectives... doesn't mean you have to be mean about it.

No person is perfect. Period. Some of my favorite authors have had grammar mistakes, typos or just written a bad book or 2. It happens! It's not the end of the fucking world. They have dead lines and I don't really think anyone with a lick of creative energy can exactly say "Sure, I will have this 4th installment of my incredibly complicated series done for you by June 30th" never mind that most authors have real jobs, or are stay at home parents, or have a life on top it (sometimes). And let's not even discuss dealing with the whole publishing/self publishing process. Yikes!! You can't force creativity. You can't force your characters to do what you think you want them to do. And even if an author isn't given a specific deadline per se, I think there is that pressure of "I gotta get this done!" and then comes that long line of frustration, agitation, despair, resignation, and hopefully at some point in the swirly twirly miasma, ideas start flowing and things start moving again.

And yes, of course us readers WANT MORE. Because, you know, we're absolutely bored and must have the next installment of your amazing writing capabilities...while in the meantime we're having that same conversation with 20 other of our favorite authors. I have a LONG ASS LIST of favorite authors. LONG ASS LIST!!! And yes, I love so many of the series I've been reading, but that doesn't mean I won't read 150 books while waiting a year or so for the next to come out either. So if there's a couple (or more) months before I get my greedy little eyes on those awesome words, then well...my greedy little eyes will read some other words in the meantime while I wait. Simple, yes?

I have a point, let me see if I can remember it...Shit...

Oh, so I am re-reading a book from a while back. The author commented to me, since he's emailed me in the past, that some people love it and some people hate it. And I can honestly say I see both points. But I don't look at the 1st book in the series are the sole indicator. I have read really crappy 1st books and yes went on to read the 2nd, and you know what? The 2nd books was a LOT better. The 3rd even more so. People grow. They learn. And, I think, their characters and stories evolve, the author evolves with them. It's kinda like you teaching your kids and at the same time, your kids teaching you. And for me, some characters are just assholes or whiny or annoying (oh wait, just like in real life!) and sometimes it takes a while for a plot(s) to unfold or for something to really get the juices going. Sometimes it's from the first freaking page. And sometimes it's the last 4 chapters (thank the gods I'm patient!). I remember reading Tommyknockers by Stephen King and wish he had cut out 50% of the book because it was either too random or repetitive of what he had already written. The idea still intrigued me, but the damn, did it really have to be THAT long.

I have had few books that I will never ever read again, and few authors I feel the same way. There are only 2 that come to mind, and both of them mixed straight out Christianity with Fantasy that made me want to scream until the windows shattered. I guess that's my line in the sand. I have NO problem with religion in books, nasty or not, mixed in with fantasy/magic/whatever. But when it's screaming obvious it's Christianity and some really fucked up wanna be "God will Save you, but you must repent your sins and be re-born" shit, it's just the biggest fucking turn off for me. That's just, to me at least, has no place whatsoever in a fantasy book. Ugh //vent

Ok, back to this. So, I am only like a 100 pages into the book right now, don't forget, I keep switching between books still for some unknown freaky deaky reason, but I'm not thinking - this sucks - so, at least that's good right :)

And I might reserve judgment until I read the 2nd and 3rd books. I can usually tell once I'm a little bit more into the series.

Also: Writing styles. Sometimes I am not IN THE DAMN MOOD for certain writing styles. I might not want to read books next in a series that I loved reading in the past, because my mood is just...not with it. Doesn't mean the book(s) are bad or anything. It's all me on that part. And other times, I will devour every book for in a series for weeks on end, and then get burnt out on them for a year or 2. Sometimes I am craving a good hot urban fantasy with some serious sexy stuff in it. Other times, I want straight up fantasy with no hint of sex. Or I want shifters. Or I want Sci-Fi. It really can depend on what the mood calls for. I guess, just like authors, the readers have to be a receptive mood for things to work as well!!

Anyway! I am starting yet another book (I think I read my library books first because I feel obligated so that others who are waiting to read them, don't have to wait too long...does that make sense?), and this one I am nervous about reading. The 1st book was a fucking trip. This one, Unwholly by Neal Shusterman, I am just a little freaked out over. The 1st book was not something I would ever have thought of and this author has a fascinatingly dark mind, so I guess that why I have some trepidation in starting this one. But it's a library book and someone else probably wants to it.

Breathe!!! Just read, damn it!

Ok, I have more thoughts on people who comment on books for later on (hope I don't forget) because it somewhat amazes me how nasty people can be. ~TTYL

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