Donating to Habitat for Humanity and more things going on

Well, the couch we've had for the last several years is just going to have to go. And my old desk. Because, they don't fit well enough in the house.

So, I called Habitat for Humanity, and they will be coming to pick those up (hopefully today). Which I think is an awesome solution. I know they will go to a good home and make someone else happy and I don't have to worry about finding a way to get rid of them!!

My lawn mower is being delivered today (yay!) - Have I mentioned I love Amazon? It's a reel lawn mover, which means it's not electric or gas - just an old fashion push on. No carbon print, more hard work. Which suits me just fine for the little yard that I do have :) I've also ordered a trimmer on Amazon, because even with my 10% discount at Lowes, Amazon is still cheaper (and I have free 2 day shipping still).

I've put together the 2 end tables and coffee table - they were bigger than I thought! Wow. Only 1 of them wobbles a little bit, but will figure out how to fix that. I also put together one of the cat litter disguises, which was fun. Love me some drill action ;) I was going to do my dining room table, but my brain just rebelled against the idea so I did some laundry, put the empty & broken down cardboard boxes into my car (and put in recycling at work this morning), put away some clothes, and watched TV. Oh and I hung up (badly) 1 too short black out curtain in the Kid's room, but it's only temporary anyways until his room is painted and we get the curtains he really wants in it. But I could tell it at least made the room less hot. His gets FULL sunlight all morning long, so I hope to get the 2nd curtain up this weekend. I should also do my room - am trying to figure out what I want in there. I am definitely going to paint it, just need to figure out a good color :) Maybe a pale violet? And have an accent wall painted something else? Not sure yet!! I am also researching how to how to paint to that faded look - for the office and the kids room. He wants a moon on his ceiling, and we've talked about a using a semi dark twilight color. He said he wants it to fade lighter though. So, I will paint the office first, trying to see if I can get it fade from dark to light well enough to do that in his room.

My jeans are still a little bit loose, which is nice :)

I need a freaking nap though.

Oh, last night - July 4th?? Well, we're about a block or so over from a large park where they do fireworks every year. You could totally see them from our front porch! It was awesome! And because of how the wind was blowing, it looked like they were aimed directly for our house! OMG, I wish I had taken pictures. And then we noticed, it sounded like it was raining...Well it wasn't raining, it was just the blown up pieces of fireworks!! It was a trip. Inside the house, the booming was super loud, some of the windows rattled a little bit and the cats - awww the poor kitties - hid until it was over and then were still a bit freaked. Next year, I am soooo taking pictures though!

We have these Evergreen scrubs along out fence and by the side of the house. I've read that they are poisonous to cats and they certainly attract a lot of freaking flies - I am going to cut them back a lot (once my trimmer is here) and then see what I can do to replace them with something else - you know, something maybe berry/edible that would also look nice? or at least flowery and provides shade? I don't mind bees, but I don't like flies.

Last night I put out the trash, thank the gods. It is supposed to normally go out on Wednesdays, but due to the holiday it was last night. I had plenty from moving and unpacking so now I am looking for a large outdoor trash bin to shove it in every week. And work gloves. And a step ladder for inside (will need a larger ladder for outside, but later) and pad locks and a hose! So much to do!! I need a nap!

I am not sure if we're going to make it to IKEA this weekend. Am dropping off the twin mattress to my cousin tomorrow afternoon and I really need to get some more stuff put away/together before I add even more furniture/stuff to the place. But I don't want to go alone next weekend (the Ex has the kid and it's a 1 1/2 hour drive each way). So, hmmm. I will figure something out. I also need to go grocery shopping so we have real food and not just snacks in the house.

So tonight, after heading over to Lowes for some minor stuff, I need to change out one of the shower heads to mine, put in a shower liner in the downstairs bathroom (oh and change that shower head when I find the freaking thing - also need to figure how to switch from bath to shower!), and see if I can get my internet up and running. That is a must.

Good times!!

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