Weekend Life

So today I actually made it out of the house (score!) and went to JC Penny and Target. At JC Penny I went bra shopping. I guess they are doing some redecorating though, which meant less changing rooms and re-arrangement of clothes. So, I finally found the lingere area (why is it right by the kids clothes? Really? Sexy panties and everything just sitting out there for 5 years to ogle??) So, I decided to pick a couple brands, try 2 bra sizes (40 B and 38 B) to see which ones would fit better. The 40 B was comfy, but just a shade large. Minor. Tried the 38 B, it FIT. YES. But the cup was too small. WTH? I thought that your cup size is your cup size, but I guess not. So, I went back and got a 38 C and that bitch fit perfectly! OMFG, NICE!!! So, how that fucking works I have no bloody idea, but I won't argue :)

I kinda ended up splurging. I mean, I've lost something like 21-22 lbs since March and they were freaking cute AND on sale. Win Win in my opinion. And do you have any idea HOW LONG it's been since I've been able to buy cute sexy bras?? YEARS. Stupid 40 and up sizes, just doesn't happen. Or at least, it's few and far between. And usually expensive. So, I ended up get something like 8 bras and 3 cute panties. And a blanket. Don't ask. I am a total blanket whore. I have this thing for textures, especially on my feet. Also: My kid keeps stealing MY blanket and leaves me his and damn it, I just want my own damned blanket!

Then I head downstairs to the bathing suits. Because, you know, I have this cruise coming up in a few months (SO EXCITED) and it's a Caribbean cruise, which means SUN and therefore I must have some bathing suits. Found a cute shorts and bikini top :)

Also, another thing I noticed is that I've gone down in sizes from XL to L, another huge plus :) Makes me feel good :D

Then I headed over to Target, got another bikini top, a skirt (nothing fancy) and some new sheets.

Then I went to the local Asian Market, picked up some snacks and Aloe juice and finally headed home. I was only out for 2 hours. It felt like a whole day.

So, home, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned a little bit, read some and have been watching some TV. No nap, alas. Stupid naps fucking avoid me. I did organize some CDs though too, which I need to finish. About 75% done with that, and then I will probably go back or put them in alphabetical order or something. Because, well, I can.

Like how I seriously contemplated mowing my lawn. I really really did. Instead I put on one of my bikini tops, and hung out doing all the above. It's a cute bikini top :^D

Tomorrow, it's Lowe's and grocery shopping. And hopefully more cleaning. Maybe mowing the lawn. MAYBE. Again, it would have to be in a bikini top because I am so damned white I would probably scare a ghost.

Tonight, I might make some bread, pack up my beads. I got in a mood and made a bracelet for a friends daughter. She's a bit goth I think, not 100% sure, so it's all black and red. Pretty onyx and red tigers eye. And hopefully get to bed before 1 am, unlike last night. Right now I'm watching a Bruce Willis movie. Maybe make some popcorn. I don't know. Hmmm. I'm tired though. And I still have some things I need to clean up and really don't feel like it right now. Is it sad I'm tired from putting sheets on my bed?

Popcorn it is :)

EDIT: I am making cookies tomorrow. Almost forgot that!!

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  1. Make some for me, please.

    Not to be unappetizing, but I got to look at a slide of blood with e coli under a microscope today.