Yep, I'm sick

And I seriously and truly HATE being sick. Granted, I don't really know anyone who LIKES to be sick, but there you go.

My nose is raw from blowing it :( Sore throat, sinus headache. Ugh. I have a very minor fever. Yesterday I went home early, took a nap (until UPS rang the doorbell, which woke me up) and then just played dead on the couch. At some point I got up, did the cat litter and took out the trash. But that was it. Oh and I made some soup. The kid had leftovers from the previous night.

I am thinking, that even though I can function at work at a low level - which I am doing currently - I am going to head home a couple hours early today. Start a load of laundry and take another nap.

See, tonight the Kid has his Winter concert. And I want to be rested enough for that.

So I am getting what I can get done at work. Which is just shipping and receiving stuff for today.

Also: Food for thought - Look at everything that has changed - most in such positive ways - in the last year!

And I am out of breath from doing normal every day things! Ugh! Hate this. A coworker suggested it's probably from my flight home. Maybe. At this point, it doesn't really matter.

But hey, at least I using up the last of my sick time!!

Anyway, I am heading home now, soooo tired. I need to stop and get some cough drops though.

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