The Painted Kitty


Funny story

As I was painting the wall a teal color, I had my painting pan (full of paint ) on the top of my ladder. ..because you know, it's sorta built for that. Now, my kitten Daisy was watching me paint, no big deal, right ? Ha. She was getting ready to pounce !

As I turn to get more paint I see 2 paws land in the paint ! I attempt to catch her but she runs out, now with blue teal paws. My first thought was to catch her because I don't want her to lick the paint. My 2nd thought was that I was glad I had the cleaning supplies upstairs with me. And my 3rd thought ?? I couldn't stop giggling over the whole thing ! Because, of course, the cat would jump into the paint !! I am still grinning over that !

I follow the paw prints and see she goes to my son's room and back out again. I shut the office door and my bathroom door, because I see that she has headed into my bathroom or bedroom. I didn't see her in my bedroom (and there were it a few paw prints in there ) and find her in the bathroom. Ha, got her now ! I shut the other bathroom door and pick up the semi blue kitten, turn on the facet and then attempt to wash the kittens paws and now tummy.

She did not like that. At all.

I now have several scratch and puncture marks.

I dry her off a little bit and leave in her in there as I start the cleaning process. 4th thought, well it looks like I will be replacing the carpet before I ever sell this place (insert more giggles )

After I get up as much as the blue paw prints as I can, I go check on Daisy. Ahem, it seems she was slightly traumatized. I hold her and pet her and brush her for the next 45 minutes. By evening she was back to normal.

At this point, I need a beer. So, I finish painting while drinking a Kilians and keeping an eye out for the cats.

The room is done (see the remaining pics I took yesterday) I'm slightly sore and tired. Painting around the trim, top and bottom, was the most exhaustive parts. That and making sure I painted over the dark paint swatches and previously painted on flowers (STICKERS PEOPLE !!!)

I have quite a bit of left over paint. Of course, not the colors I want in my bedroom as fickle luck would have it.

Much Much happier with the office now though ! No more little girl pink !! Its now a Pale Honey with a teal accent wall. I will take more pics once everything is back in place :)

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