Monster Tomato and Blooming Sunflowers

This tomato (organic) plant has turned into a monster. I need another trellis thingy (yes, I know, very technical here) to deal with it. I already lost 1 whole vine/branch that broke off because it was so freaky heavy!!! Haven't gotten an edible tomato off of it yet. Here's hoping I get at least 1. 

Silly Sunflower is facing my fence. I mean, seriously...But she at least has a couple friends :)

 Do you see how tall these suckers are?? I mean, DAMN. I wish their heads were bigger, but they are still awesome :)
                                                                                    Almost there!! Just a couple more petals!

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Top view of a difference Sunflower. I was on my stops and my still couldn't see it, so on my toes and blindly taking pictures :)

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