Little Bits of updates

It was such an incredible weekend. Saturday was the Maryland Renaissance Festival - Sunday was easy (I did clean up around the house and get laundry done) and even more so, we got my 3rd bedroom re-situated back into an office - which to be very honest, this is a good thing. The awesome boyfriend dismantled the bed and got it stored up in the attic, the desk un and re-assembled (I vacuumed the cleaned out the room during that) and everything is working :) Got some pictures hung and it feels like it should.

I have got to say, it's hard changing it from a bedroom back to an office.


It's good. I am going back to college, and I never really warmed up to the computer downstairs (as in, I never used it). Now though, I've already been using it again, which is good.

It's just hard.

Anyways, I am happier with the room now. It was getting depressing leaving the door closed and it not being used and just left empty (ok, with stuff in there, but you get what I mean)

Monday was also an easy day. Got up late, made some breakfast sandwiches and then just ran around and got some stuff done. I did buy a trimmer/edger while at Lowe's. Ahem. Also some cool Halloween cat eyes for the front of the house :) They light up :) Oh and did more laundry and took a short nap. I really miss nap time. I want more nap times damn it!!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which is good. I am slowly getting things more organized, also good. It's just that some days I have the will do to it and others and I just want to take a shower and ignore life.

I am really looking forward to our upcoming vacation to the beach :) It's nice to take these mini breaks :)

I need to write out my to do list again and then cross some more items off of it.

Ironically, I am sorta looking forward to winter just so I won't be pulled between house and garden - I like my house being clean more! LOL. Who knew. Well, snuggling is good for winter time. And hot cider. And hay rides. And holidays and cooking and baking and yeah....I love the change of seasons a lot it seems :)

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