Vacation @ Myrtle Beach

It. Was. Awesome.

We left before the ass crack of dawn on Friday. Got into Myrtle Beach by 11 am. Checked in and headed to the beach. The boys loved it. We all loved it.

The sand between you toes = Awesome
The slightly chilly ocean washing said sand = Incredible

Walking along the shore with your love, hand in hand, beyond happy!!

I don't even remember Friday night. Oh wait! I took a nap while the boyfriend took his kids to the amusement park and my Kid hung out (he was a bit freaked out over the ominous looking seas and sky and yeah it was freaking looking) but he woke me up from my light snooze (bad!) and we talked about it (good). I can totally relate to those eerie feelings about the ocean.

The layout of the room was nice. It had a double bed, a full galley kitchen and a living room with a pull down Murphy bed (that was ours), It had 2 bathrooms that shared 1 shower, which was also awesome. I found out I don't particularly like cooking in a galley kitchen. I felt cramped by that, but otherwise it was awesome :) Being able to get groceries for breakfast, snacks and lunch was pretty impressive with 3 kids :) It certainly made things easier (ok, well except for clean up!)

Since our bed was a pull down, it was magnificent for leaving the balcony door open all night and waking up to the ocean waves - absolutely glorious!!

(Ironically, the boyfriend and I both agreed last night that just sitting on the couch, watching tv - it was way too quiet)

Friday night was eating in and Saturday morning was bacon, croissants and and and yep that's it. We didn't get to the eggs - too excited to get out of the room!!

Saturday was laying out on the beach, listening the kids have fun, finding pretty shells and some shopping. Saturday night we went to the Pirate Voyage, which is like a Medieval Times with water, mermaids, pirates (of course) and sea lions. In other words?? Awesomeness. Preshow was an hour long, had some snacks and beverages (We got to keep the cups, which is good because those drinks were good and yummy and sorta expensive). The food was food, good but not crazy freaky good. The service was really good though. I would totally recommend it to anyone seeing it for the first time :) I am not sure if you want to see that same show a bunch of times in a row, probably a good idea to change it up over the vacations ;) Then it was time for putt-putt golf. Now, I have no played that in a good 20 some odd years. I mean, seriously. I had so much damn fun! I laughed almost the entire time (and score, I got 2 hole in ones!). After that, it was time to relax and sit in the Jacuzzi and then bed :) Beyond awesome, the whole day.

We got up sorta early on Sunday, packed the car, walked the beach one last time (for now) and headed for home. The home trip took a wee bit longer (more stops for food/breaks) and we hit a small snag in traffic. I was a bit cranky once we got back to his house. I think my brain melted somewhere along the road and my filter was not working for a short minute. But, I got my game back in play and loaded my car up and got the Kid home.

Being back home? Nice. Though I will say not so nice that I didn't wish I was still at the beach!! The Kid got his lunch made, I did laundry and then it was just a matter of sorta getting my brain to function until bedtime.

Overall, huge success, awesome vacation. I had such a phenomenal time!!

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