A week in review

So many things, so little brain left after it melted this week!!

Let's see if I can break it down...

Last Friday - Good - Birthday
Saturday - Woke up sick :( The boyfriend picked us up though and we stayed at his place. I somehow ended up sleeping upside down (my feet where my head should be) eventually...but I was really up most the night and only actually slept at 5 am. For 2 hours, woke up and went back to sleep for 2 more hours. Therefore, exhausted and somewhat cranky. The Kid wasn't exactly Mr. Sunshine either.

Went home. I think I pretended to clean. I vegetated the rest of the day.

Sunday - I am pretty sure I didn't do anything. Except ask the Kid to help. Because, aka Mr. Sunshine was still being jerky...Did not sleep Sunday night again, until after 3 am.

Monday and Tuesday - called out sick and just rested. The Kid was slightly nicer after I asked him why he had to be mean when I was sick AND it was just my Bday. Because, I mean, really! Does that have to make someone being a jerk??? Ugh.

I was able to accomplish a nap on Tuesday morning for 2 hours. Score me.

Plus, you have to keep in mind that on top of being sick - my period was due (and yes, showed up) this week. GOOD FUCKING TIMES WERE HAD BY ALL! Bwahahahahahaahahahahaha. Ok, well maybe not so much.

Wednesday - Went to work. Still had my cold, therefore some trouble breathing. But not too bad. Also, work was really fucking busy. Slept ok, not like rock solid, but better than the previous 2 non sleep days.

[ I am sure I did 2 loads of laundry at some point before Thursday, but I just can't remember when...]

Thursday - Rinse and repeat Wednesday, though I was starting to feel a lot better. I actually got some good sleep finally on Wednesday. Probably because the boyfriend was there. Though I will say my period was just starting and that meant all my lovely insecurity hormones were raging inside my puny head. Another ugh.

Today - Friday - So far so good. My period is here, I feel like rearranging my living room and doing yard work. How that works out I have no freaking idea. Or maybe nap. I am at least feeling a lot better and almost 99 % with this cold.

My homework is almost done, just 2 small things left and need to get that submitted by tomorrow. I think taking this class (and waiting to be reimbursed until after I pass kinda sucks) is good but it hurt financially. Ugh. I know it's on my credit card but I seem to have this slightly OCD thing about wanting to pay it off and now off course money is tight until November. Blah. It's my own fault, because I just dumped too much of a payment onto my cc's this month. Ironically, I will probably end up paying for things on my CC this way instead of my normal account, which is just the opposite of what I wanted to do! The only possibly good thing is maybe I can get some more points and at least get a credit or buy things for free (yay Amazon cc) with the points.

I will totally blame my brain being melted due to illness on this months pathetic-ness of my finances. Totally.

And I think it's more of my perception of it being an issue than it really is. Because, seriously, there is nothing that is end of the world here.

Anyway, I need to figure out a couple other posts (one is more along those lines, "why does my hormonal state cause my brain to melt" and other such possible titles of "Where is the Wine" and "No More Laundry for You") and get this weekend started.

Also - It's Mercury Retrograde - So be safe!! Oh wait, can I blame Mercury Retrograde for this?? Hmmm.

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