It's been too long!

Life has been busy, good things to be sure, but wow, long time and now write!!

Let's see - The kid is in a Parade this weekend, so hopefully that will go well.

School is taking up my time, not too shocking that. I am going to try for 2 classes Spring semester and see how that goes. I am doing this slowly, increasing my class size or not (as the case may be) to see what my real threshold is for balancing school and life.

I'm tired. I feel like that since I was sick a couple weeks ago I am still trying to get back to some form of a normal routine. I am happy it's getting colder, just because I am inside more - which means getting more around the house done again.

We did get the front patch of yard set up for winter. Weeds pulled and put a layer of this material that's supposed to keep them from growing. I need to get some larger size stones to make the spiral I want though. Or make them with quikrete.

I actually saw gas below $3.00 the other day. I was in a state of shock. I even took a pic of that! The $2.85 on the right is for regular unleaded.

 Also, I am not going to order out Chinese anymore. I really do end up gaining like 2-3 lbs every damn time I eat it and it takes me days to get my back to normal. So very sad. It's probably the high sodium or something, but damn. Just not worth it right now. I have been getting better about not eating out as much, guess I just need to tone it done a bit more!!

The Kid is failing 3 classes. Very frustrating. Oh and the reason why? he doesn't feel like doing the work. Seriously. We've had conversations. Let's hope he was listening.

I am thinking of actually shopping on Black Friday. Scary that. I want to get some stuff for the house though, and that might be a smart way to get them. I want a room heater for my bedroom. Because even with carpet, the floor is cold!!

I need more sleep.

Ohhh, so I slightly re-organized my living room. I moved my cedar trunk to the library and then swapped places of the small couch and chair. And I put the coffee table to an angle.Pulled in another lamp (from the library) and I like it. So far. I do need to get some art up on the walls now though. The Kid likes it too. It's so incredibly nice to be able to do things without worrying about what some landlord will say (ie, painting walls, making noise, etc) anymore :) I love the yard work, love making changes :)

I think this weekend I am going to inventory my pantry and see what I need to get for dry goods for this winter. I know that sounds probably kinda weird, but I am cooking all the time now and it would be smarter (I think) to get my stock stuff set. Of course, normal weekly stuff (fresh veggies and whatnot) is not what I'm thinking about. I also want to re-organize my kitchen a wee bit, make it more functional :) And I should probably re-do my pantry as well...it's probably a good thing it's not too big!!

I plan on making some more chicken stock this coming week. I have a little bit left and will probably have that for dinner soon. I have totally loved putting the stock into ice cubes for easy portions. So freaking easy. Because you just chop up some carrots, celery, throw in some left over chicken pieces and noodles - done!

We've been watching the previous seasons of the Walking Dead. Loving this series!

And I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, for my permanent crowns. I will be so happy once this is finished. It was painful paying for it, set me back really - but damn it, it's my teeth and not something that can be ignored :(

Time to head out. I will try to blog more, again :)

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