Pre-Birthday Dinner and more

So, last night my incredibly awesome boyfriend took me out to dinner. I have been craving this Mexican soup from a local place we go to. It's called Sopa Azteca

This is basically what it looks like (thank you google) and it so fucking yummy, I could eat this every single day. I mean, YUM-MY.

I got 1 of 2 birthday presents, this incredibly adorable snow globe of Minnie kissing Mickey, which is so appropriate since I am always kissing on the man. Love love love it. LOVE IT!!

Ahem, the 2nd present I get when it comes in...I know what it is because he told me and it's unbelievable awesome (and so not traditional in any way, shape or form, which is even fucking better!) and I will wait to post about that until I have my hands on it. Fucking Awesome. So excited.

My plans for tomorrow, get up, go to the store, buy ingredients for Lasagna and then go home, make it, make some eggs and coffee for breakfast. Read, nap. Make some cupcakes. Maybe take a shower. Probably clean up the dining room and vacuum around the house. Eat some lasagna. And just enjoy the day :)

Edit: Ok, I will get my ass up early and go to the store, and then come home to get Tiamet since she now has a 9:30 am appointment at the Vet. She needs to get her blood work checked and I need to refill her prescription. Thankfully I get paid tomorrow :) Then I will proceed with the rest of my diabolical plan to relax and enjoy the day!!

This weekend, I have no idea yet, haven't thought that far ahead. The only thing I do know is I have to do post my homework by Saturday. Tonight I am reading my 2nd chapter and if I have enough time to respond to the first question, at least get that one done.

I want more of that soup! SOOOO GOOD :D


  1. Yes the soup was awesome as was the woman across from me! happy birthday sweetheart.