A wee little update...

Its been quite a while!

Hmmm...maybe a bullet list would be the best way to get things up to date:
  • Took the kids bowling with my awesome bf. My kid didn't have a lot of fun. I think part of that was not knowing which arm to use for it and because he rather look/play better than he did. He's a lefty and sometimes you can use that or your right hand, everyone is different...I know my Dad is a lefty but plays tennis with his right.
    • I had a ton of fun though
  • Life is busy:
    • Band Booster Fundraiser
    • Cleaning house
    • Work has been kicking my ass for the most part
    • Life in general!!
    • Holidays
  • Thanksgiving was awesome
    • Spent it with the bf's family, who are like him = awesome
    • Went black Friday shopping = wow
    • Yes, I will be paying off my credit card for another year - YIKES
    • Also I gained like 2-3 lbs. Good food :) I will lose it by the end of the year I hope!
  • Signed up for 2 more college classes
    • Tested and all homework completed, so far in this class I have a B, which I am totally happy with!
  • I now have the supplies I need to make my own deodorant, which I plan to do this week :)
  • I am Amazon's bitch, it's mostly how I do my holiday shopping it seems
    • I live in a great neighborhood - nothing has been stolen off my porch yet :)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is great for helping you stay healthy and not catch whatever people have at work!! So is Oil of Oregano :)
    • Oh I do need to make some more chicken stock soon :)
  • We had a day of snow! Nothing worth shoveling, but it was beautiful
  • We've caught up to Walking Dead season 5. We've only missed a few episodes of that, should be caught up soon.
    • I really don't watch a ton of TV anymore or read as much...but I love that the things I do watch and read are always with my boyfriend :)
  • The Christmas tree is up, decorated.  Lights are on the house :) It's amazing and wonderful to be able to do that and I just love owning a home :)
    • Yes we celebrate Yule more than Christmas, but I love the season and the good things that it can bring in out everyone :)
  • Just finished off another scarf :) I am now in the process of making a basket :) Oh and I have like 3 more scarves to do. I love it though :)
  • Still very happy I am not smoking!
And most of all, I have absolutely incredible boyfriend and awesome son :) Could not ask for better!!

Also, I have this love affair with music. One of my favorites right now is Pentatonix - I have 3 of their albums and yes ok they are all the holiday music ones, what can I say :)

Here's a sample of why...so incredibly fucking talented!!

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