A Bits and Pieces Update

Because it's always easier with bullet points:

  • I was sick all through the holidays, but that's ok so was my bf's family was as well so it was a happy shared misery :)
  • The holidays were pretty damn awesome :)
  • I got my kid an XBox, which surprised him, which = awesome.
  • I used vacation days so didn't have work for 2 weeks. Which was good because I was sick anyway. It was a nice break though!
  • I've had my gardens percolating in my head for a month straight now. I can't wait for spring!
  • We've had snow 2 times. Today's was pretty light.
This was on January 6th. All powder! 

Too bad I slipped going down my steps on the back porch. Thankfully it was a slow decent and I didn't get the wind knocked out of me this time. Suffice it to say, I am waiting on the treads I ordered to come in from Amazon.
  • Work is awesome, I love my job.
  • My elbow is acting up so I am wearing my brace again. Blah
  • I've started back using MyFitnessPal. It's been a whooping 2 days lol. But hey, I'm back at it :) I have goals for this year :)
  • I've started drinking my coffee black (ok ok I put cinnamon in it). No creamer or sugar. Who knew!
  • The kid is grounded for ditching school. He's still having a hard time in school but has pulled up 2 of his classes grades this quarter. I've started the search for tutors.
  • I miss my friends and family! Working on talking/texting/seeing them more :)
  • Life has been busy. I mean, damn, seriously busy!
  • I have gotten quite quick at crocheting scarves it seems. My bf asked me about a blanket. I started at him like he was crazy. Made a couple scarves and thought and thought and thought about HOW much time/yarn it would take for a blanket. Ahem. So I've started one. I made the first 4 rows, but realized it's a wee bit too large. So. I am gonna pull them out and make it a tad bit smaller :) Just a tad though. I do have a king size bed :)
  • Tiamet, my 13 year old cat, has thyroid issues but not also minor kidney disease. She's at a good weight though and pretty active so I think she'll be ok for a couple years :) I keep an eye on her though :)
  • I've also ordered a whole house humidifier because, damn, the air is fucking dry! 
  • My size 12 years are just starting to get a little bit loose :) I didn't realize I had bought a size 10 (had this at my bf's house) and they fit pretty comfy. Wow. I still need to let a few more pounds go though before I buy more jeans. I want my 12's loose first :) 
    • Yes, I have been pretty good - push ups and squats are done almost daily (notwithstanding those days I fall and stuff)
  • I am hoping to get my shower fixed this year, the one upstairs that is.
  • I am also hoping to see about getting rid of the pine tree in the back yard. O.o
  • I love cooking. A lot. I am researching a pasta maker now :) 
  • So this whole month, since I was sick in fact (so going back the last 2 weeks of December) I have not been taking my supplements. I am really missing one of them, the Myo-inositol. But I am curious to see if I get my period on time. Gotta love PCOS and how it tweaks the body! I have a new supplement I will be try, Maca root (it has something else in it as well but can't remember right now). I have noticed my temper is not always filtered, it's not horrible mind you but that's because I'm aware of it, but it's much harder to control (and no, not always successful). Other than that though, it hasn't been bad.
  • Apple cider vinegar kicks ass and hands out cards.
  • One of my goals, since I barely have time to read anymore, is to take 1 day a month and read that whole day :)
  • I've started another college class. I have to do homework tonight. Next class starts in February. Exhausting but I am loving it.
I will attempt to start writing in those brief free moments I have :)

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