Hot Roller-Skating Mama

So. I did it. I bought me a pair of Quad Roller Skates

I was comparing a couple different ones and I was seriously tempted to get an all black pair. Worst comes to worst, I get another pair later on in life. There were some good reviews on this and honestly, for the pain in my feet from the rental skates, I am hoping this makes it more enjoyable.

I plan on going at least every other weekend. It's a cheap way to exercise and have fun :)

I have a strong suspicion that my Kid will want his own pair. Which is fine...if he spends more time skating and less time playing games. That is the deal :)

It should also be interesting, since he is already a size 12. Let's hope his feet don't have a growth spurt after he gets his own!

Also, who knew you burned SO MANY calories roller skating?? Awesome :)

I get these in 2 days. Here's hoping it proves a pain free skating dance!

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